painkiller xl

  1. MackMcMacMac

    Mack's Perpetual Grow Journal

    I started a medical grow last week. Rather than create a new grow journal for each plant, I'm going to make this one a perpetual. :) Hello & welcome to all who happen to amble by. Feel free to offer suggestions & comments. I'm a newbie grower, learning as I go and could use all the help I can...
  2. Elixir17

    Greetings everyone - It's a pleasure to meet the community!

    Hi everyone, I decided to sign up, since this community is so helpful. I've been following some journals and will start my own in a bit. I started a mini grow a few months ago and what better way to learn and try to avoid those road bumps as much as possible. I've grown a few times in...
  3. M

    Max's First Grow - Soil - LED - Painkiller XL

    Welcome to my first ever grow. After doing a lot of research (which only makes me realise how much more I need to learn), I've embarked upon an amazing journey to grow my own, completely inspired by the journals and friendly advice I've found on 420 Magazine. Having had three benign...
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