panama red

  1. Sativa1970

    Nostalgic Ride On That Purple Sage - Panama Red

    Strain; Growers choice, Panama red Media; DWC 6 inch net pot Plant munchies; Dyna-Gro Foliage, Grow, and flower mixes. light; Vipar spectra P1000s, miscellaneous LEDs, clip lights, Christmas lights, whatever. Back in the early 80's my uncle called asking me to stop by. Handed me a pipe and...
  2. L

    Trying again

    Well back at it. But this time it will be hydro and indoors. Lets say that my last attempt at growing outdoors was a lost cause dam thiefs.[ May the fleas of a thousand coyotes infest there crotch's] Went to the cheech and chong concert the next day dropped a hand full of seeds in some paper...
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