1. Ganjagirl77

    11 Pointed Indica Leaves! Alien Kush x Grand Master Kush

    Started these babies from seed. Rare genetics from a breeder in B.C. Canada. They are not F1 yet so there a couple plant variations, which I find very exciting! I love seeing how 2 different strains show trait differences from seed to seed. Alien Kush female and Grand Master Kush male...
  2. F9F6D197-CE45-466E-ABDB-DDD1F7E03D06.jpeg


    Long arse root
  3. 1AAE6078-0465-4903-9B89-8FC3CFA98740.jpeg


    Like this so something you would do ? Lol
  4. J

    JackStafford's DIY stealth bonsai mother cupboard and flower cabinet

    This is my attempt at a DIY bonsai mother/clone cupboard and veg cabinet. A bit of background. I have been growing in a 80x80x40cm (HxWxD) tent. You can check out my easy ryder grow journal for the setup. Things can get a little cramped in there and having only one grow space is really...
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