First Run With Mars FC-E4800


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Hi all, I recently upgraded from an old Mars 1200 “blurple” panel to a new FC-E 4800. Growing in soil in an 4x4 tent, and currently have two Gorilla Sherbet and three GDP, with the GDP being about 6 weeks younger than the GS. I’m looking for anyone using this light that can feed me a bit of advice on height, dimmer/intensity etc. Thanks in advance!

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That’s what I was finding as well. I think I was just experiencing some shock with the change in lighting. It’s been a couple of week since installation. After a couple of days at 50% I reduced to 25%. Last week I upped to 35% and will continue to increase weekly. The G.S are further along than the GSP, and I’m not sure exactly how I’ll proceed with the run. I may keep one of each as a mother and flower the other 3 out.
So, here are the G.S. They were just “surviving” on the old light but are now thriving. The GSP were root bound and starving, but transplanted them this weekend and already can see them responding. Will post pics of them soon. Tent will be small for all 5, so I’m going to set-up my 2x4 and keep one each as mothers, and flower out the other 3 as soon as the GDP recover. Hopefully by 4/15.

Hi all, I noticed yesterday that one of my G.S was looking sad. They were a bit dry, so I watered and this morning looks even worse? Any thought? I’ve yet to add any nutes as I was letting the plants feed off of the soil. Not really thinking that’s the problem though. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks In advance.

The GDP bounced back nicely. In the process of setting up my 2x4 to keep one of each in as a mother. (Including the sad one)
Generally, if a plant continues to wilt after it’s been watered, the actual problem was over-watering (not letting the soil dry out sufficiently between waterings). Hope it bounces back for you.
Thanks Jon,
I considered that, but it’s a 7 gallon pot and only gets a qt or two per watering. I can’t see that being too much. There’s no run-off that would indicate overwatering either.
I still can’t pinpoint the problem with the one on front right. The GDP have caught up with the Gorilla Sherbet and I’ll be one of each and flowering the others soon.

Hi all! Things are looking good. I pulled the sickly plant for an outdoor grow. Would not respond indoors. I currently have the 3 G.D.P. In one tent and one Gorilla Sherbet in my small tent. Plan is to take my clones from the GDP soon then flower. The GS I will take cuttings for now then flower a bunch of clones after the GDP.


3 GDP, one week into 12/12. I pulled the G.S out and the troubled one has responded to natural light very nicely.

Almost done. Cut one this morning, the other two are still a week or two out. Also have some leftover clones budding on the left.

Hope all is well in your world.

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