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  1. S

    AN pH Perfect

    Can someone tell me me f the ph perfect grow, micro, and bloom line from AN are organic? Thanks in advance.
  2. T

    Need intel on AN pH Perfect please!

    Hey all, been out of the game for a few years and finally have time to get back in. Heading a whole new direction with this grow and shorted myself on nute info... Long story short: I ended up AN two parters (grow and bloom) and I'm not sure what products actually work along side this stuff...
  3. O

    Perfect sun?

    You may label your powerful expensive lights "Perfect Sun" but I'll take San Diego's version any day. I take it outdoors and enjoy it as much .(today a predicted 75 and sunny for example, as my kush ladies apparently do as well. We will keep company again today as the Solstice charges at us. If...
  4. Ron Strider

    Thank You To Our Renewing Sponsor Black Diamond LED

    Please join us in thanking Black Diamond - Perfect Sun for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine exists so that you can fully appreciate the Cannabis plant and...
  5. S

    Does Advance Nutrient's pH Perfect technology actually work?

    Hi all -- Keeping the pH of my reservoir in limits has been my biggest challenge. I notice that Advanced Nutrients claims that their "Perfect pH technology" (some kind of buffering system, I assume?) will help with this. Does anyone have experience with this (or have other tips for keeping pH...
  6. G

    Connoisseur pH Perfect A+B

    Hey guys ; I am about to start my second grow so soon , and i can not decide my soil yet . My first time i used Hesi starter kit. I have seen this product . Advanced Nutrients CONNOISSEUR pH Perfect a + b ; and i have heard some good infos anyway , what do you think guys ? Is it worth to try ?
  7. CatnipTC

    Perfect Sun LED Community Grow

    :welcome: Since joining the site I'm seeing more and more new members to the Perfect Sun Family of lights made by LEDRF. So I decided to start a community grow thread so we all could share our experiences in one place and compare results and help each other out. I'm currently growing with...
  8. R

    First Time Grower

    So I started in a small pc grow and moved up to a 2ft box 150w ufo led carbon filters and fans so here is my progress so far I started the germinated seed on the 30th it may not be perfect it's my first grow I'm using ff nutes
  9. S

    Will the Black Diamond Perfect Sun 1000 be a good fit?

    Hi, my grow tent is 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.8m (1.4m) and I was wondering if the Black Diamond Perfect Sun 1000 would this be a good choice for this size tent please?.
  10. R

    Please Join Us In Welcoming Our New Sponsor Black Diamond LED Grow Lights

    Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Black Diamond LED Grow Lights to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world. 420 Magazine exists so that you can fully appreciate the Cannabis plant and interact with thousands of like-minded individuals around the world, sharing and...
  11. S

    Purple stems?

    I've got 2 plants (Purple Haze and Maui Waui) in CycoCoco. It's just straight coco with no added biologicals. I'm feeding AN Sensi Bloom basic line. I'm feeding as per there schedule and just a few days into 12/12. Both plants look fabulous. The Maui does have some red stems. The PHaze shows...
  12. L

    My 2016 Best Flowering LED Lamp

    Hi Folks, I am a poor pilgrim who is desperately seeking the perfect light. After many ebay research, puchase , mounting, soldering and grow tests. I want to present you, the best lamp that I do in 2015. This lamp has: 4 *10w, 660nm, led DC6V-7V@900ma 1*10w, 450-460 nm led...
  13. GreenH0rn

    The perfect strain for SCrog technique under 2x600W

    Hello everyone What is the perfect strain for SCrog technique under 2x600W for maximum yield? Any guide for SCrog technique? TNX:thumb:
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