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    @Sierra Natural Science Disease Control. I was able to order it online and curbside pick up at their facility! Thanks again SNS for making some amazing products. Looking forward to having this help me with late flower mold issues.
  2. N

    Chlorfenapyr Was Used In Veg

    Hey guys I need some advice, my local grow store suggested using a chlorfenapyr pesticide on some plants i had that were incredible russet mite infested. ( product was Piston Tr?) Not thinking we dosed the room but now after more research i'm afraid I may have agent oranged my girls. They are...
  3. T

    Dangerous Pesticides in Medical Marijuana

    I've used MMJ for 6 years, and started to notice that my body reacted differently to the same strain bought from different dispensaries. Heart palpitations and muscle aches were the bad side effects. A friend told me the pesticides used by growers caused those side effects, and introduced me...
  4. Ron Strider

    CA: Federal Cannabis Pesticide Ruling Widens Rift With State

    U.S. pesticide regulators have denied the registration of four pesticides for cannabis cultivation in California, stating that "cultivation of cannabis is generally unlawful," and further dividing the rift between the federal and state on marijuana use. The U.S. Environmental Protection...
  5. Ron Strider

    California's Cannabis Industry Moves To Keep Clones Free Of Pesticides

    California's latest effort to legalize recreational marijuana has brought forth a massive interest in people who want to grow their own pot. Growing cannabis from seeds requires extensive work and attention, but purchasing clones derived from an existing plant cuts down the cultivation...
  6. K

    OR: OLCC Recalls Blue Magoo Marijuana Sold At Mapleton Shop Over High Pesticide Level

    Salem – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has issued its first recall of recreational marijuana. The OLCC says samples of Blue Magoo marijuana contained a level of pesticide residue that exceeds the state limit. The marijuana was grown by Emerald Wave Estate and sold at Buds4U in...
  7. K

    OR: Lawmakers Press Gov. Brown, Public Health Officials To Keep Pot Pesticide Rules

    A group of Oregon lawmakers has sent a letter to Gov. Kate Brown and public health officials urging them to preserve Oregon's pesticide testing requirements. The legislators said they shared "grave concern" about proposed rule changes, which scale back testing requirements for cannabis...
  8. K

    CA: Cannabis Concentrates Have A Problem With Pesticides

    Weed vapes have a pesticide problem. Think you're vaping pure cannabis oil? Think again. Some oils and concentrates that get tested have turned out to be contaminated with toxic chemicals. "This is really nasty stuff," says Adam Lustig, CEO and founder of Higher Vision Cannabis, which...
  9. LEDBud

    Canadians not told about banned pesticide found in medical pot supply

    The fears of big Pharma / Corporate pot poisoning us with pesticides just became true / reality whats worse is they are using banned pesticides. This is what happens when you let bean counters run businesses , look at what they did to the farm industry. Its disgusting they care only of...
  10. ptk2k

    Can Habanero pepper spray go bad? Pesticide

    i made a batch of organic habanero pepper spray about a week and a half ago, and just got around to using it, just precautionary. but it smelled really weird. i've used pepper spray before, but this batch had a gnarly stink to it. just as much burning sensation in my nose and throat (through a...
  11. K

    Oregon Issues Health Alert For Three Marijuana Strains With Pesticide Residue

    The state has issued its second "health alert" for marijuana contaminated with pesticides or pesticide ingredients, in this case three strains of marijuana flowers sold from dispensaries in Salem, Eugene and North Bend. The Oregon Health Authority is advising anyone who bought the strains to...
  12. G


    I know a grower that dosed his crop two months ago with Bayer 3 in 1 pesticide. He has another two weeks to harvest. Will this stuff be safe to smoke?
  13. ptk2k

    Favorite Pesticide?

    Hello all, I'm on my 3rd (successful) grow & feel kind of stupid I haven't set up a pesticide regiment yet. especially because I had a crop that I vegged for 12 weeks only to have mites take over. it was horrible, I tried no pest strips, habanero spray, soap water. nothing seemed to work. so I...
  14. G

    Hot Pepper Wax

    Hey gang, I had some Hot Pepper Wax given to me. I used it on my out door garden and everything seems to be doing great and there are VERY few bugs. However in my out door garden there is no MJ. Has anyone used this stuff on MJ and if so are there any side effects? I really...
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