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ph adjust

  1. InTheShed

    Do we need to pH adjust our nutrient solutions?

    Greetings all! I recently had a running email conversation with the "Grower Services & Product Development Director" at ProMix (aka Premier Tech). I began the conversation by posting a question on their website, asking if I should be treating ProMix HP as soil or soil-less when mixing...
  2. flogger11

    Is this really true? Does the AN Sensi Series require no PH adjustment?

    Have been using GH Maxi series and am tired of adjusting my PH. Grow specs are DWC res @ 68ºF, 85º room temp day (74º night), running apprx 1000 ppm naCL, co2, 12/12, room vented 1.25-1.5x per minute (trying to balance fresh air vs co2 loss). Will the Advanced Nutrients Sensi Two Part...
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