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pink pistils

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    Pink & Maroon Pistils

    Unidentified strain but growing beautifully. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Pink hermaphrodite TGA Pennywise

    Hey everyone, I've been growing 10 TGA Pennywise seeds, a few turned out to be male and the rest of the pack were female. I stumbled across one of my females bearing male traits so presume it may be a hermaphrodite? If anyone can help me clarify this that would be greatly appreciated...
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    How do i enforce pink pistil growth?

    so ive been budding some bag seed for about 3 weeks now and a clone off of 1 of the plants is producing bright pink pistils but the mother isnt? but i would really like it to lol the clone is in a small s.o.g and the mother is towering in a 5 gallon bucket, (dont know if that may have...
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