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Pink hermaphrodite TGA Pennywise

Mr Rabbit

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Hey everyone,

I've been growing 10 TGA Pennywise seeds, a few turned out to be male and the rest of the pack were female.

I stumbled across one of my females bearing male traits so presume it may be a hermaphrodite? If anyone can help me clarify this that would be greatly appreciated.
After noticing this and closely inspecting the plant I've come to realize it has a fair few pink pistils a trait none of the other female Pennywise plants I have carry.
My question to all is, if this female is a hermaphrodite and pollinates itself would the seeds it produced also carry its pink pistil trait?

I'm just speculating here I'm no pro and don't know if half the things I've mentioned are possible or correct so it would be nice to hear you guys :)

picture attached below.



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Pink pistils are not a hermie trait, but rather point to particular genetics of your strain.


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If you allow it to pollinate itself there is a chance the pink pistil genetics will be passed on to some of the seeds, but an equal chance the hermaphrodite gene will be passed on as well. If you were to get a few thousand seeds you may be able to find one that has the pink pistils and not the hermaphrodite gene, it is all a game of numbers. There is also a chance the hermaphrodite may have been caused by stress(like a pinhole light spot hitting that cola, in which case you could pick off all the nanners and get a male to pollinate her and be a lot less likely to have hermaphroditic seeds in the next generation, but still get the pink pistils.


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i agree with labx and if i was u i would just buy some fem strains that u dont have to worry about a hermie trait being passed or not..i leave the breeding up to the professionals..i dont mind to spend 50 or 100$ for some good genetic seeds bc they more then pay u back off 1 limb if the plant
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