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  • Mr Buckshot, I wanted to touch base with you and tell you my friend got the "honey slider" cooked.
    Amazing... not unlike doing an opiate.
    Basically passed out and slept for a few hours.
    Thanks for all your help.
    Hey Buckshot, I noticed in your posted pictures, the one with the loaded bowl. That looks like some hash tips balled up in there. I have seen them up close only once and not mine, but seen numerous pictures. Very cool crop!! March 1st I get my outdoors going and hope for equal results. Peace and enjoy, look yummy!!
    Can you PM me again, I must have pushed the wrong button, and I did not receive your mssg because of pop up blocking. JAMESTHEGREEN.
    Buckshot, sorry to disturb you, but can you please teach me how to get rid of old thread, so I can put my pictures all under one thread, to avoid disinterest and confusion, I would really appreciate it, and say a thousand prayers for you, and light you a candle. Not being religious, just wanted you to know I am serious about all this. I have tried contacting admin, but have received no response. Sincerely, JAMESTHEGREEN.
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