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    Need urgent help! Leaves are turning yellow & pale in vegetative stage

    I have got ''Speed Seeds'' Lowryder # 2 x AK 47 Auto. I have started the light schedule with CFL and Led both in first two weeks, CFL's 1x85W white color, 3x20W daylight color. Led's 1x80W bulb (120 pieces of led chips), 1x15W bulb (5 pieces of led chips), 1x10 W bulb (106 pieces of led...
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    Wilting leaves in DWC

    Hey guys I'm new to the 420magazine forum, and new to the cultivation process. I have started off with DWC for my first grow and have recently run into problems. I am into my third week of flowering and i have wilting leaves on the one plant (with no pistils), and on the other one i have...
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    Diagnosis needed with plantlings

    Hi, This is my first grow with 2 photo females in a grow box for a little over 2.5 weeks now. I have two young ladies that are just 2.5 weeks old and sprouting nicely. I only noticed on my last topsoil water spray session that one of the plants, on it's first set of single leaves above the...
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