1. Ron Strider

    Ex-Jet Wants To Market Pot-Derived Painkillers At Youth Games

    A former New York Jet is kicking up a cloud of controversy with a plan to market marijuana-derived products at Pop Warner youth football games. Marvin Washington, who played 11 seasons in the NFL — including eight years with the Jets — is the managing partner of Isodiol, a company that extracts...
  2. J

    Hey quick question for y'all experienced growers!

    Hey everyone I recently ordered 5 white widow auto flowering feminized. I purchased a veraspectra 300 watt LED indoor grow lamp and hooked it up. I recently germinated 5 seeds with the paper towel method and roots started to pop so I planted them and got my 4 under the light is that enough and...
  3. H

    Outdoor! Need advice - 7ft plant!

    Hello everyone , I have already gained some experience from reading and researching , and i have already grown a couple plants indoors for the past 3-4 years , soil and hydro ! Last hydro plant yielded 4.5 ounces (130gr) . This is now my first time growing outdoor . All for personal use ...
  4. K

    My attempt for a small greenhouse starting clones and first potting

    Hi just a quick note...i tried a clear 1 litre bottle of pop cut the top off...turned it upside down to act as a dome.....used a paper hole punch punched a few holes around the bottom perimeter and punched a hole in one corner of the top...(which was the bottom of the bottle to act as air vents)...
  5. L

    Anyone done Astrodawg by Dankity Dankster?

    Got 10 Astrodawg beens to pop. Anyone have any experience with these?
  6. R


    should i use a heating pad to pop my seed???
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