powdery mildew

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    White widow got bud rot
  2. 20210119_124309 CG2 PM.jpg

    20210119_124309 CG2 PM.jpg

    Colombian Gold PM
  3. 20200511_174612 GT.jpg

    20200511_174612 GT.jpg

    Golden Tiger harvest, flip day 73
  4. 20200511_175001 GT.jpg

    20200511_175001 GT.jpg

    Golden Tiger harvest, flip day 73
  5. 20200511_175023 GT.jpg

    20200511_175023 GT.jpg

    Golden Tiger harvest, flip day 73
  6. costgrowCA

    Powdery mildew

    Not sure if this is the start of powdery mildew. Any ideas?
  7. A

    Clearing Clones for Entry to Grow Room?

    First, thank you to anyone who offers any guidance on a solid/ proven process! I live in a place where lots of vendors offer clones for delivery, but I’ve heard so many horror stories of pests/ disease accompanying stranger clones that I have yet to order any or take advantage. Instead I grow...
  8. NavNurs

    Pak Chit Kush, Kandy Kush, GDP & Ghost Train Haze 3x3 With 1200W LED In Soil

    Folks, I'm on my 4th grow (at 5 wks Veg) with 4 strains and thought I'd add another journal to this amazing site! I've been watching/learning and hope to avoid some errors of the past (Said by no one else, ever). Grow #1 had a small light = airy buds, #2 overwatered/over fed and #3, I watered...
  9. ChronicPDX

    New grower with a few issues - Help?

    So though I've worked with a number of other growers before finally being able to do my own I could use some help on a few thing. I have three primary issues I have identified or know is present to some degree; Root aphids, spider mites, and powdery mildew. I'll start with the mites... Spider...
  10. T

    Serenade Concentrate mix ratio?

    Hello, I have early stages of powdery mildew creeping up on my plants. They are just entering week 5 of flower, and I would like to use Serenade concentrate on them. However, the instruction on the bottle, tell me all different kinds of plants and mix ratios for those plants, but Cannabis is...
  11. H

    Completed HeavyChevy59 - First Grow - Mars II 400W - Happy Frog/Ideal 420 Soil - 2015

    What's up everybody thanks for checking out my first grow journal, this is also my very first grow so I definitely need a lot of help. My temps have been up & down and so has my humidity, plus I think my 3 plants may have powdery mildew and one of them has some really weird growth going on, I'll...
  12. L

    Just harvested a plant covered in powdery mildew

    So I just harvested a super silver haze auto that is covered in powdery mildew I couldnt get it to go away while it was growing. Id love to hear some suggestions on the best thing to do with bud that is covered in PM? Such as make hash or oil or cannabutter just want to know what the best thing...
  13. M

    Powdery mildew or false alarm?

    Hey I'm new to the forum so hello everyone.! I'm a little worried as I've spotted this in the grow room, I'm unsure as to what it is, I know the photo isn't brilliant as its took under LED light and I will replace with a new image if further identification is required. I'm worried that it...
  14. R

    Could someone tell me if this looks like powdery mildew or white mold? please

    I've been neeming my plants since day one and just had a friend over to just take a peek at my stuff and he claims that i have powdery mildew and white mold and i need to chuck these babies out? they've been in there since the 3/27 and im just like what lol i got some green cure after...
  15. missiechrissy

    Powdery mildew on clones - Help!

    I just rooted my clones and they are about 2 weeks in and I am starting to see powdery mildew on the leaves, how do I get rid of it so I dont have to start from scratch again?
  16. T

    911! I have Powder Mold. Please Help

    I have Powder Mold (powdery mildew) I believe. Its a white (stringy looking under the 30X microscope) appearing on the fan leaves. Will it spread to the flowers? I have Never had it before. Is there anything I can do? Thank You guys, ant suggestions are much appreciated........
  17. S

    PM infestation! 4 weeks from harvest! Help!

    We have PM big time! We have tried spraying the plants with H20 numerous times but this doesn't seam to be working. It is quickly spreading throughout the room. Be have increased the air circulation 10 fold. Our buds are so far along we are scared to use anything that will affect the taste. I...
  18. llewop211

    Completed PlanT

    Heres the space i'm gonna be working with, my desk... I made two compartments for vegging six plants total. Each side can hold 9 cpf's for a total of 18. I'm only using one side right now since the plants are still small. The lights are seven 27w 5000K's and two 27w 6500K's For cooling...
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