1. F

    Any Suggestions For Spray To Prevent Caterpillars? Or Advice For Prevention?

    My guys around me keep saying that they always get hit outdoors in Norcal with caterpillars. Some suggested neem another offered chemical spray. What to choose? I have none right now, just dont want my shit ate up. Anything i should do on the prevention level or no? thanks in advance :thanks:
  2. Katelyn Baker

    What Colorado Pot Sales Could Fund In 2017

    Denver — Marijuana sales in Colorado are breaking records, reaching more than $1 billion in 2016. Those record sales are also generating a surplus of tax revenue, which the state is now allowed to keep thanks to the passage of Proposition BB last November. The surplus currently amounts to...
  3. SweetSue

    Alzheimer's Disease: Preventing & Halting Progression With Ultra Small Doses

    This is essentially the transcript of the class I completed on treating Alzheimer's disease with cannabis. I changed very little of the narrative. I wanted you all to hear it the way I did. The good doctor was very thorough, and he didn't need me to translate at all. May it help you in your...
  4. M

    Hydroguard amount?

    Hello, I am about to start my first hydroponics grow. DWC/Top fed. Anyway, as a preventive measure to root rot I decided to go get some Hydroguard. I know that most nutrient bottles are wrong for the amount you should add to cannabis plants. So I was wondering if I should follow the Hydroguard...
  5. T

    Pest prevention

    hello all I've been doing a lot of thinking and now that summer time is here I was thinking about pest prevention. the reason I'm writing this poses to get peoples ideas and to see what's out there for preventative measures.
  6. A

    AK-47 Gone Beatifully Bad Need an abortion!

    So SWIM was growing 7 plants, all at different stages, they were under a 1000W HPS, very little if any light leak, the 2 smaller autoflowers were at the end of their cycle, one of the plants was infested with seeds, as I further looked into it i could see the AK-47 plant well gorgeous had about...
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