1. D

    Should I get an MMJ?

    Heya. I'm a 19 year old Cali boy and I'm considering getting an MMJ. I've had crippling anxiety for years and I feel marijuana can help. I know I want an MMJ but my parents are very anti-weed and they're the one's paying for my college. Anyway, could my doctor find out if I got an MMJ and, if he...
  2. L

    Hi everyone

    Wife and I are recently retired. Heading to Colorado to relax and enjoy the shopping. We won't be skying. Just looking for a little privacy, views,and plenty of goodies. We have a 4 lb maltese too. Thanks for any ideas!
  3. S

    Never passed a drug test... Please help!

    Greetings everyone! I have an interview coming up with a very important company - it is an internship. My friend works there and I know they will drug test me before hiring me. He claims to have passed the drug test using synthetic urine and has suggested that I attempt to do the same. I am...
  4. senorpeaches

    Gargantuan Beauty Privacy Concerns

    greetings from northern california, I'm a very low-tech home grower enthusiast, just 2 ladies on my deck which is what I've done most years. This year, I have a lady who is by-far the tallest I have ever had the pleasure to grow. Must be 6 1/2 ft so far and the flowers are just beginning to show...
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