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Greetings everyone!

I have an interview coming up with a very important company - it is an internship. My friend works there and I know they will drug test me before hiring me. He claims to have passed the drug test using synthetic urine and has suggested that I attempt to do the same. I am very nervous because I have only taken a drug test for a job once before, and I blew it. (Granted, I did not try very hard.) I smoke chronically, so I don't think there is any chance of detoxing. So, I have some questions that I am hoping the community will answer for me. Read on.

1. I am privileged enough to have some friends that would likely donate their clean urine for me to use. The only downside is that I have to store it. I am not opposed to using synthetic urine - if it works. Although, I have to locate a store locally where I can get some since this test will likely be soon, and this could be a hassle because I am tight on money. What do you guys recommend? Synthetic or genuine urine?

2. I live in WISCONSIN. The last time I took a drug test, I think Quest administered it. (But I'm not 100% sure.) They said they had to leave the bathroom door cracked open so they could supervise me. Being very young, and scared, I did not ask any questions. I did not even turn around to see if they were actually monitoring me because I felt that would be weird. I don't think they legally have the right to watch me pee, but I am suspicious that if I said I wanted privacy, the administrator may fail me or become really suspicious. What are your experiences here?

3. Those little thermometer strips and hand-warmers... How well do they work? I'm assuming that if I wore compression shorts and put a small bottle of urine near my private parts without a hand-warmer the urine wouldn't be warm enough - even if I left it there for a very long time. I suspect the hand-warmers will heat the urine too much if you are not careful. Has this been a problem for anyone? And lastly, are the little thermometers accurate? I've read a lot about people who failed because the temperature wasn't between 92 and 100. So what is the deal? Is the urine losing heat when you pour it into the doctor's plastic cup, or is the thermometer shitty?

I guess that I am very nervous about getting caught. I don't see how I would be able to empty a plastic container of urine into another plastic container without being seen - unless I'm given absolute privacy. Can you demand privacy or just close the bathroom door without creating a fuss? The more elaborate devices like the Whizzinator are too expensive for me, and I have a somewhat limited amount of time to gather whatever materials I will be using. Any advice and experiences are greatly appreciated!
1:Your options are real urine, synthetic urine and powdered urine. The powdered urine is a little hard to find, lots of synthetic urines out there and sometimes you can find it at local smoke shops and porn stores. Real urine works fine but its best to get the urine the morning of the test. You can get it the day before and refirigerate it overnight but I wouldn't store it any longer than that.

2: They can not observe unless they have reasonable suspicion that you're cheating. They maybe leaving the door cracked so that they can hear if the water is running. Don't feel bashful about turning around and see if they're watching, if they are inform them its illegal to watching and very creepy. Or just tell them they are creeping you out by trying to get a look at your boner, make them feel guilty.And you don't have to pee immediately, if you need more time to prepare just stall. You're getting paid anyways so milk it.

3: The strips are pretty accurate, I wouldn't worry about them. You can pick them up at any drug store. I just nuke the bottle for 10 seconds to get the heat up around 98 and then just tuck the bottle behind my nutsack and go about my day. 2 Pair of shorts work better some times so that it doesn't fall out. With me the temp stays in range for a couple of hours. If when you pour it into the collection cup and its a little warm just blow on it to cool it off. If its a little too low just rub your thumb on your clothes for a few seconds and then hold it against the temp strip on the collection cup until it hits 98 then step out of the bathroom. The heat has to be between 90 and 98.

The techs do a thousand of these tests a day, they're just want to get the day over with just like anyone else who has a real shitty job and this has got to be one of the shittiest jobs there are. Just act relaxed. If something seems wrong ask questions. Be sure to practice to get your method down and everything will go fine. The first subbing is always the most nerve racking. the practicing will help that.
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