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  1. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Cannabis Protesters Want Law Stubbed Out

    Saturday marks 90 years since using cannabis was banned in New Zealand. The Dangerous Drugs Act was passed in 1927, and rallies to get rid of the law will be held in Auckland and Wellington. Cannabis Armistice Rally organizer Chris Fowlie says countries that have legalized the drug don't...
  2. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Would Decriminalising Cannabis Make It Safer

    So we have a new Labor-led government and while they keep saying they will release policy soon their coalition partners keep letting details out. Winston Peters, in his remarkable crowning speech, said Jacinda Ardern will release policy soon and then promptly mentioned the building of 10,000...
  3. Why Doe

    Need Organic Nute Suggestions

    Wanting to switch from my noob synthetic fox farm nutes and go organic. I have a lot of microbal products and have been told synthetic nutes will kill the beneficial bacteria? I need the base nutes grow-flower
  4. R

    10 panel in 40 days

    Hey all, I'm sure people ask questions like this all the time but looking for some answers I have a 10 panel drug screen in about 40 days (September 8th or 11th is about as far as I can push it off to) at Labcorp. I know they will not be observing me. I am a daily smoker at least 1 joint a day...
  5. H

    The Nazi piss force hit crew - Don't use synthetic or friends urine! Just quit!

    So the piss Nazi has arrived Did a friends urine for employment today at a casino, have used it before for other casino jobs, Had ladies lifting up my pants and doing a 3rd degree search on me. It was not pleasant and although they didn't find the bottle they sensed something was wrong took my...
  6. K

    Please help regarding test

    Hello all, I know these question's have been done to death, but I was hoping someone can help in a kind of unique case. I have to take a drug test for a job (at a hospital) by the end of next week 3-31-17, I have not smoked in 8 days and before that it was once or twice a week for a few years...
  7. A

    Is Synthetic Urine Still Passing Drug Tests in 2017? Post Here

    Synthetic Urine has been passing tests for years, and to stay ahead of the testing lab curve we need to stay informed. Post your test results here and tell us: which Synthetic Urine you used. for example, Quick Fix 6.1, XStream, Sub-Solution, Test Clear. date of test Lab Name I have my...
  8. K

    Welcome To Our New Sponsor Whizzinator

    Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Whizzinator to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world. 420 Magazine began life 23 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where appreciation and awareness of the Cannabis plant could flourish. We are not...
  9. K

    Legalize Marijuana, Stop Synthetic Cannabinoid Overdoses

    The 16 synthetic cannabinoid overdoses in Hermann Park at the end of June are enough evidence that punitive policies aimed at creating a drug-free world have utterly backfired. Instead of ushering in a utopian society without drugs, the War on Drugs has incentivized the creation of new...
  10. K

    How Legalizing Marijuana Might Stave Off 'Spice' Epidemics

    The first time Stewart Martin tried synthetic marijuana he was 15 and on probation for marijuana possession. Martin and his friends would buy from local head shops and bodegas in Virginia, smoking synthetic weed brands like "Space Cadet," "Scooby Snacks," and "Bizarro". "You never knew...
  11. R

    New Zealand: Jacqui Dean Rejects Claim Cannabis Laws Encourage Synthetic Cannabis Use

    A South Canterbury MP has rebuffed campaigners' claims New Zealand drug laws encourage the use of illegal synthetic cannabis. MP for Waitaki, National's Jacqui Dean, rejected the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party's claim people were being "forced to synthetics" on Thursday. In a written...
  12. R

    Synthetic Urine results from random UA

    Here are my results I got back from Medtox after submitting a sample using synthetic. I know people have used it and other synthetic urines and have passed like I did, but I thought I'd share the results to show the pH level and creatinine levels that were also tested if anyone is interested in...
  13. S

    Never passed a drug test... Please help!

    Greetings everyone! I have an interview coming up with a very important company - it is an internship. My friend works there and I know they will drug test me before hiring me. He claims to have passed the drug test using synthetic urine and has suggested that I attempt to do the same. I am...
  14. D

    LED Tent Grow - Shaolin Style RDWC

    Hey there 420 Magazine! Hope this post finds you well AND well medicated : ) I'm a virgin at this so please ready gently. I have been taking pics and vids of my first ever grow at 55 years old. I have followed a few YouTubers and have spent many, many hours here on 420mag a a lurker. Saw...
  15. A

    Highest chance of passing a drug test

    Hello, I recently got a job opportunity that is honestly my dream job, but there's one problem. I've smoked about a gram of mid to high grade weed every day for about a month straight and I also dab every once in a while. I have a pre-employment drug test in 13 days. The test follows DOT...
  16. S

    Magnum Synthetic Urine

    Thought I would let everyone know that I just, 4/2014, used Magnum Synthetic Urine and it worked. Followed the directions to the letter. Testing facility was lab corp. Prob could have gotten it cheaper but waited till the last minute and paid about $23 for it tax, title, and license.
  17. T

    I passed! I passed!

    Synthetic worked! I just have to be prepared for randoms now! :-)
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