prop 19

  1. 420

    420 Magazine says VOTE YES on PROP 19!

    Today, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are wasted enforcing the failed prohibition of cannabis (also known as marijuana). Currently, cannabis is easier for kids to get than alcohol. Prohibition has created a violent criminal market run by international drug cartels. Police waste...
  2. T

    Cool video on Prop 19

    YouTube - California's Cannabis Culture
  3. C

    Question: If Prop 19 passes

    Prop 19 pros and cons... if it passes, would you buy mass produced cannabis if it were easily available and low cost :joint: , or would you buy smaller production higher quality fresh cannabis from your local grower :yummy:? I ask this because as a small grower in an already very competitive...
  4. King Kilroy

    Arrest just lead to Activism!

    So i decided to write a post about my experience of getting arrested for possesion of marijuana. I live in california and was in possesion of marijuana within 1000 yards of a school when i was serched. The total amount of what i was carrying added up too; 7/10ths of a gram, a small pipe and...
  5. J

    Mormans donate $40 Million to opponents of Prop 19

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news (and I assume this is news, as I didn't find it posted around here)... An acquaintance of mine is involved in politics, and one of the many things he does is sit on a committee for the Yes On Prop 19 campaign. Well tonight he showed up while I was visiting...
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