1. Croatsan

    Is this root rot? Is this Amnesia Haze?

    Hi all. I was reluctant to open a new thread but I've posted this questions in my grow journal and haven't got any answers yet. Normally, I'd wait but the pressing issue of possible root rot can't wait. Hope someone experienced will help and identify the problem (if there is one). Yesterday I...
  2. Far East Buds

    Pythium issue

    This is a recent issue I have had... this is my most recent post in perpetual grow. Battling pythium... So I spent several hours last night cleaning everything in Veg. All the plants had strong h202 run through the net pots. Every hose had it pump through it for quite qwhile and all tubs...
  3. B

    Pythium held in plastics?

    Yes all, whagwarn? Just one go pick your brains fi a minute.... Someone I know is new to all of this indoor business so dem av a 'few' buckets and it seem dat dem keeps killing off the plant inserted, the roots go brown n it wilt n dun in space a 12 hour.. Even once isolate it still dun off...
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