quad squad

  1. Olddog Newtrick

    Olddog Newtrick's Seedsman, Banana Jealousy, SIP/Quadline Comparative Grow

    Welcome to my first Seedsman comparative grow! I’ve been excited to do one of these since I found out they exist, it should be a lot of fun! I’m still a new grower and am thankful to be included! SeedsMan Banana Jealousy Description: Banana Jealousy is a three-way hybrid cross of Banana Cream...
  2. SmokeyB

    My First Journal: First Time LED And 3rd Grow

    Hi everyone I'm starting a new grow 4 wedding cake and 1 tropical punch there germanting now got new tent new light gone 1200w led will upload few pics of set up later any advise would be great with the led lighting as new to me I'm using sensi grow a n b and sensi bloom a n b an big bud an...
  3. B Dub

    Growing S.A.G.E. With Mega Crop: Leaf Problems At Week 8 In Veg

    Hello fellow growers! After growing with Coots mix the last few years I thought I would jump on the Mega Crop train and see if I could bump my yields. Plants are about 2 months old. Started in Coots mix and up potted to 6.6 gallon in autopots with the Faux mix from @farside05. Started MC...
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