1. Katelyn Baker

    ME: Marijuana Grow Lights Are Causing Static For Ham Radio Operators

    Augusta – Retired Coast Guard officer Roger Johnson sometimes notices a harsh buzz when he turns on his amateur radio, and he blames high-powered lighting used to grow pot. Amateur radio operators say the legalization of marijuana is creating a chronic nuisance thanks to interference caused...
  2. R

    First Hemp Processor Opens In Western Kentucky

    A western Kentucky business is bringing industrial hemp to market. Kentucky Hemp Works has opened a processing facility in Christian County. Owner Katie Moyer says the small, family-run business is taking hemp seed and turning it into oil that can be used in a number of products, including...
  3. N

    Nation of 420 Radio Show

    New Artist Radio is launching the Nation of 420 Radio Show we would love your thoughts and views contact us now. This will be The VOICE FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO WOULD LIKE TO BE HEARD. SPEAK YOUR VIEW ON HOW THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS AFFECTING CANIBUS
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