royal queen critical

  1. Emilya Green

    Royal Queen Critical

    Today I will focus on Royal Queen Critical. She was grown organically in a 1 year old living soil, under a full time 600w MH and 1/3 time 600w HPS light. There is a lot to like about this strain. When you grow her, let her have plenty of kolas to work with, because each one will become...
  2. Mr G

    Next up!

    2 Afghani's on the left {front & back}, 6 White Dwarfs in the middle, a Royal Queen Critical {front right}and a Critical Sensai Star {back right}, all in 3 gal. pots. In the green cups is 1 Girl Scout Cookies and 1 White Dwarf seedling. Using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, Fox Farm {Grow Big, Big...
  3. Swampass

    C02 lessons

    Hey guys and gals! Ive been growing for over a year and have had my growing pains if you know what I mean. I have learned one huge thing that made more difference than anything. I thought Id share it with you. I have a 5'x5' grow space with an 80 cfm exhaust fan for ventilation. I have a...
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