1. indicasloth

    Misting Nozzle Placement

    I am having some trouble understanding where the mist nozzles should be placed in an HPA system. I will be using the 18 gal. Rubbermaid, but I will only be growing 4 plants, as that is the limit under Measure 91. When looking for Rubbermaid build references, this is the typical setup I seem...
  2. G

    Northern Lights Stealth Rubbermaid Grow - First Grow!

    Ok this will be my first attempt at growing so lets do it. I have a rubbermaid container, 2, 65 watt cfl's, 2 120mm Pc fans, one for intake and one for exhaust. Ive spray painted the inside with flat black to light proof it, and I then went over that with flat white to make it reflective. I will...
  3. 420lifter

    Micro yumbolt swc sog/scrog ongoing

    Ok so this is my first grow journal, I've had multiple other grows from a couple of closets to a full room. I've never done anything this small but times r rough and I'm cheap and tryin to get this grow dialed in on point. And under controL My main goal is to get 125 grams every thirty days...
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