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    First Grow - Soil - LSD & Vanilla Kush 12/13/2017

    4 Barney's Farms LSD (fem): Skunk #1 X Mazar: Indica 70% Sativa 30%, and 3 Barney's Farms Vanilla Kush (fem): Bred from Afghan and Kashmir strains: Indica 80% Sativa 20% Germinated seeds directly in soil mix (about 75% Fox Farms Light Warrior and 25% Fox Farms Ocean Forest) after soaking in...
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    Can I use run-off water?

    Hey i was watering my gals yesterday over a few bags and drained them into a container and sealed it. Im just wondering if i watered my girls with it would it be beneficial at all and if so should i water the run-off down before watering my gals with it?
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    Best way to water air pot?

    Water literally gushes out the side if I water too fast, and it takes forever. Can we use SWICK setups with airpots? My PH is 7.5 run-off right now, do I just do math to "average" it or just adjust my water to exactly what I want? Tap water is 7.2ish