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    Forgotten Strains

    Does anyone out there remember the Sativa Strain "Mohocan" or "Brown Mohocan"?:tokin:
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    Immature high

    Guys I dunno if this is the right forum but it seemed it would fit in a few different forums so here goes, I'm totally new to growing but recently I thought i'd give it a go so I bought some Mexican Sativa seeds as I like the cerebral high off Sativa and planted them and out of ten seeds I got...
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    Sativa Satisfaction.a poll

    Indica,Indica,Indica......don't get me wrong. I love quality indica and indica hybrids. Heavy yields, quick finishes and monster colas.. I could go on forever. However this thread concerns Sativas. You remember sativas right? 12 foot monsters, spindly buds and year long maturation times...
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