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  1. E

    Marijuana tolerance for schizophrenia

    I'm curious about what would happen to a schizophrenic/mental health patient like myself if I were to consistently smoke weed. Since people can build tolerance for weed I'm guessing that the effects are not intense like picking it once in a while. My question is would the psychotic effects...
  2. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Shows Promise In Treating Schizophrenia And Tourette Syndrome

    Despite cannabis' history in folk pharmacopoeias, clinical studies of its medicinal impact remain limited in many areas. Based on some promising early results, researchers are now calling for a closer look at its applications for certain mental health conditions for which more 'traditional'...
  3. greenthumbesg

    Schizophrenia & Bud

    Hi i have been diagnosed with pre schizophreniophorm disease at age 21 (im 22 now). I have been smoking for 9 years and i am use to having outer body experiences. at first i was not a heavy smoker and i still am not. i find smoking cannabis to be a relaxing hobby as well as growing. i sometimes...
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