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  1. ReciCup

    Gushers Grow

    Trying my hand at #Gushers! She’s just begun to sprout so I’ll be transplanting her tomorrow! Wish me luck :goodluck:
  2. corytheghost

    Hello Hello, First Time Grower

    Hello All! I am a first time grower and I have started a grow journal in the respective sub-forum. I wanted to introduce myself further and let you all know how excited I am to learn how to be a more effective grower. It has been a month-long journey trying to get back to that moment of awe I...
  3. B

    Not sure if I’m doing this right

    Ok so I started off my grow with an unknown seed and I’m hoping for the best , the sex is also unknown ,I germinated in a paper towel and the tap root showed up after one night I let the tap root get about a half inch long before I planted it in potting soil “ this is all I had available” and...
  4. OMGReptar

    Should I take the plastic bag dome off? Pics Included

    Hey everyone! I’m excited about my first grow, but I’m a little concerned about my 3 plants. They’ve all sprouted, but I’m not sure if the humidity dome I’ve created is hurting them right now. I’ve got them in a grow tent indoors. They’re planted in Happy Frog soil. I’m using a LED Electric Sky...
  5. White Widow- Seedsman

    White Widow- Seedsman

    White widow transplant from germination. She popped off her shell and was up and running in a matter of hours. Strong genetics I’ve seen thus far.
  6. S

    Auto Blue Dream Fem

    Just started a auto flower feminised Blue Dream. This will be getting moved to a aquaponics system for a experiment I want to do. It's currently in a small hydroponics system with a LED light
  7. 20200425_082916.jpg


    4-25-20 Tangie seedling started indoors. sprouted 4-20
  8. 20200512_085245.jpg


    5-15-20 Betty Boo #2
  9. 20200512_085240.jpg


    5-15-20 Betty Boo Auto seedling
  10. 20200517_182115.jpg


    5-17-20 Betty Boo Auto seedlings in 5 gallon fabric pot with Happy Frog soil
  11. C

    Blue Cheese Auto: canoeing, curling leaves in the seedlings

    Hey guys, Working on a blue cheese auto seed that has been in coco coir for the last few weeks. I am having an issue where the leaves of the new seedling seem to be canoeing/curling. I initially thought it was the light inside my tent causing heat stress but I think I am at the right distance...
  12. Herby Green

    Seedling Big Pot: Slow Growth & Transplanting

    Heya 420..sup A new hobby since high school is over,like boom 60 years ago..reading up..read read An interesting theory here What works for you Seedlings Grow Slowly in Large Containers Starting plants in large containers not only limits their potential, but it also slows them down. Large...
  13. Camer41

    Light green spots near stems brown in centre

    Hello all Here is a picture of a young plant that I have growing in coco. I’ve been ph ing since the very beginning with a good quality light source. Temps are around 77 and 40-50% RH. This plant is about 2.5 weeks old. I just started feeding her at a very low 1/4 strength. Water run off is at...
  14. S

    Has my plant mutated?

    I've started growing a blue diesel autoflower and it looks off. The first two leafs have a white point instead of a normal top and one of the little ones looks weird, anyone who knows this or can help?
  15. Over Watered 3

    Over Watered 3

  16. Over Watered 2

    Over Watered 2

  17. Over Watered

    Over Watered

  18. Jayjayloi

    New grower, need help with a seedling: does it look healthy or stressed?

    Hi guys, first ever grow. I’m not sure if my seedling looks healthy or a little heat stressed. The temps went up to 29 degrees this morning and I am paranoid that the leaves look a lil turned up? Currently it’s under a 300 watt day light cfl at around 8 inches away with an oscillating fan...
  19. Hanging in

    Hanging in

  20. She made it!

    She made it!

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