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  1. M

    Slow seedling growth: Help

    First time growing. Germination was quick. Originally, my plant seemed to be growing fine. Early on, I began noticing a slight yellow color appearing on my initial fan leaves. I Ignorantly decided to add fish fertilizer (4-1-1). Initially this brought back a greener look however it began to...
  2. IMG_20191009_195437.jpg


    Some roots happening on day 7 seedling stage . Tomorrow I call it day one veg. Pink kush
  3. C

    My cotyledon curled inwards when I repotted my 4-day old sativa seedling

    Hello. I am a first-time grower and I would like to seek help regarding my sativa seedling. The first few days were fine until I decided to depot. Any tips on how could I improve my plant's current situation? And what lighting schedule should I try to follow in an indoor setting? Thank you.
  4. Discolouration


    What can be the cause? This is growing in a large coco pot that has had one previous plant in it. Is that a problem?
  5. W

    Is the growth of my plants doing well and can you tell are they male or female ?

    Hi everyone . I’m new to this whole growing Cannabis thing but I wanna know if my seedling is doing okay for how long I’ve had it in the soil. It’s been about 13 days sense planted. And can anybody let me know is this is a male or female plant ?
  6. G

    Seedling stem looking weird

    Hi Guys, do you have any ideas what’s going on with this seedling stem? Looks like it’s thinner in the base. I don’t water too much. The plant is 1 week old, looks with strong leaves. It’s outdoors, do you think this might be an issue from the sun? The past three days I spray water every night...
  7. ROSSM8

    Seedsman Northern Lights Auto Mutations?

    LEDs are over 30 inches away, only watered once with a small amount of h2o2, calmag, and diamond nectar, after that just 16ppm spring water ph to 5.8/9 Wondering if its just mutated or what..... Seedling appeared 6 days ago! Seems to be running behind from my little knowledge. Any opinions?
  8. Greengrower021

    Need help

    I’m not sure what can be the cause of this deficiency but it’s showing more and more on the older leaf. This seedling is 18days old. It’s been on 24/24 cycle the entire time. I have added nutrients since day 14th (3part advance nutrient: micro, grow and bloom / cal mag/ root enhancement). ANY...
  9. T

    Shrivel: please cast your experienced eye

    Hi. I have 6 seedlings, now 4 weeks old. This is my first, rookie, grow. 4 seedlings look healthy and strong. 2 have developed a worrying shrivel. My research would indicate the following possible causes. - I have got the watering wrong? I don't think I have under-watered. The soil is very...
  10. J

    Seedling problems: Need help!

    I can't find the diagnosis for this and I don't know what it is! I watered it 5 days ago and the soil seems to still be wet. Is this caused by the soil not giving the seedling enough oxygen or what can it be?
  11. SlyTown420

    Seedlings Peat Moss & FF Ocean Forest

    Is it wise to use peat moss as a medium during the "baby seedling" stages to provide the root system an easy way to make its way around the pot? From what I have read it should be mixed at a minimum of 50/50 with a good soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest. Is it ever acceptable or smart to use just...


    72 HOURS OLD
  13. 20190329_155443.jpg


    White Widow x 5.
  14. sugboats

    Seedling has strange spot

    My plant developed these spots overnight. Any concern of spreading? May be slightly overwatered, but plant seems relatively healthy.
  15. Herrowpreeze

    Please help this little lady: I'm not sure what to do now

    This Bigger bud auto is 8 days out from germination and growth seems pretty stunted. The leaves are also pointing down Any ideas whats going on or what i can do?
  16. 231Grower303

    Michigan Grower: Follow My Journey!

    Hey, fellow growers! New to this site but over the last 8 years have been a grower as a caregiver, personal use, and as a commercial head grower in CO. Haven't had my own personal grow in a while, and wanted to share it with the 420 community. Currently running just a small grow, and will be...
  17. 231Grower303

    GSC Tri-cotyledon: Any New Info?

    Recently had a GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) seedling produce a tri-cotyledon. Have seen a lot of mixed reviews as to what this might mean. Heard it can be a good thing, and could produce higher yields, THC, etc. But, have also heard the mutation could be bad and cause hermies. Hoping it's good luck...
  18. Growingasmile

    Do you think I have a male?

    More pics soon pretty sure its a girl
  19. Sir Digby

    New seedling cabinet build

    I'm building this new cabinet to grow seedlings in so they're ready to transplant into the tents as soon as I harvest and will be that much bigger starting the grow. I suppose I could also keep some clones in it at some point if I start keeping clones. I'm probably going to put a little HLG 40...
  20. FoNz

    Northern Lights Autos: FoNz's Fabulous First Grow

    Hello everyone, First off I'm very excited to contribute here but also to learn from growers with experience in growing these intriguing plants! What brought me here was to have an outlet for sharing my grow setup and progress. This journal will follow my first Cannabis grow from it's current...
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