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  1. jtricer1973

    New Ghetto Grow!

    Bag seed from some FIRE smoke!! Sprouted 16 days ago in some random potting soil. Have added some coffee grounds. Single LED bulb with cover ripped off for right now. 24 hours on. Started off slow I thought but seems to be taking off now! Gonna repot in a bigger container in a week or 2. Thanks
  2. M

    Seedling dark spot help

    Hey guys need some help on my first grow. I started a auto runtZ from Barney farms on June 1st 2 weeks ago and i think it’s growing pretty slow. At the moment it has dark spots on the leaves while 2 other leaves has stalled out. I had a little problem with spider mites but I sprayed it with...
  3. WalterGamer8

    New Grow Journal: I'll Try To Make It Based

    Like the title says this is my first journal and this grow is my second grow ever last grow i did was around a year and it went pretty average but i wasn't happy with the results so i took a break from growing marijewana. Anyways a couple weeks ago I thought to give it another try so here i am...
  4. S

    Seedlings keep dying: Please help

    so I have tried 2 other times with 8 or so seedlings and they keep dying im not too sure what the problem is. I assumed it was overwatering cause I seen gnats the first time but then bleached cleaned the tent started over. So my stems are somewhat a little purple and very very slim and weak...
  5. 7883-6in.jpg


    Give me love, help me grow.
  6. 7111-1280p-420.jpg


    Sweet sprout.
  7. C

    Seedling curling downward: overwatering?

    I have a white widow autoflower that is currently 2 weeks in and showing odd signs of curling leaves downward. I am unsure what might be the issue -- I've read it could be over watering, or nitrogen toxicity; the yellow makes it look like Calcium deficiency but I am using the same water i have...
  8. G


    Autoflower Girl Scout cookie seeds. Growing my ladies in Promix, 5 gal totes. What are ppms supposed to be at for seedlings? Also what about for veg?? I’ve been keeping my seedlings and veg ppm around 300. I was told today 500 ppm is best for seedling/veg. In the past I NEVER measured ppm and I...
  9. G

    Fellow Growers Help

    Good Morning everyone! I need your help! This isn’t my first time growing. I’m not new to the rodeo however I did retire for 3-4 years. My batch is 3 weeks in. Planted the seeds straight into soil. I keep a log of when I water and what my ph is at. Been keeping ph at a 5.4-5.6ish. 2 of my other...
  10. S

    Please help me: just learning

    aku s Is my plant normal and okay? Because I see there is a little yellow color on the contyledon leaves.
  11. C

    Outdoor Grow: Seedling bent over after a few days

    Hey guys, I'm growing some strawberry banana photo periods and I'm having issue this round with my seedlings. The following seedling seems to be bending over for some reason-- It was not like that this morning, it seems to have gotten worse. I've been very careful to not water too much to avoid...
  12. C

    Slow Growth In Coco Coir Outdoors & Leaves Curling?

    I've grown before in coco coir indoors, but now trying outdoors. Unfortunately it's been trickier than before. I've had a few seedlings die on me from dampening off and the 3 remaining seem to be having issues. It seems to me I am experiencing slow growth and leaves refusing to truly open. I am...
  13. H

    Drying seedling leaves

    Hello everyone! My seedling's leaves are drying and I don't know why. It is a bag seed,unknown strain.Previously last year I grew a bag seed which happened to be a female.But I remember that when that plant was at this age,that didn't have anykind of leaf drying problems. It is at day 25 from...
  14. Wilbur


    Look who decided to join the party!


    Day 1 and cotyledons have pushed off the seed already. 2x2x1
  16. Close up

    Close up

    Lil seedling
  17. Seedling has sprouted

    Seedling has sprouted

    Look who popped their head up this am!
  18. GorillaGlueSeedling.jpg


    14 days old
  19. Cream&CheeseCBDsprout.jpg


    Just emerged this morning... so tiny
  20. Replacements.jpg


    Do-Si-Dos Cookies and Cream & Cheese CBD sprouts to replace 2 Gorilla Glue culls
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