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  1. H

    Seedling only develops one cannabis leaf

    It's 8 days old now and I don't really know what to do. I try to give it 18h of light (it's probably a little less and I don't have the best lights)
  2. D

    G’day Growers!

    Hello to all and happy new year to all! I have joined this forum to seek guidance and advice from the gurus of the growing community. I currently have a 4 day old seedling which i have a few questions for.This is my first grow so i am a major noob but determined to learn. Its currently growing...
  3. H

    DWC water level for seedling

    It's been about 8 days since I put my germinated seed into clay pellets (probably won't do that again and opt for Rockwool first)and finally I've got roots poking through the netpot. I've currently got my water level so that my net pot is dipping into about 3/4 inches of water. Now that I've got...
  4. 20181124_005917.jpg


    new chance mini seedling2
  5. 20181124_005901.jpg


    new chance mini seedling1
  6. S

    Problem with my three week old seedling

    Hi I am new to growing. This is my first attempt at a indoor grow. I am approximately three weeks in and haven’t had any major problems until the other day. I noticed a little black spot on one of the leave of one of my plants. I didn’t think much about it. The next day it starting spreading and...
  7. L

    Help problem with leaves on seedling

    Hi all, I have a problem with my seedling, leaves are green and pinged up but look rough on the edges and has red/purple in them middle. Light is 300w LED, is my light too close?
  8. Day Break 2

    Day Break 2

    Awwwww a sister is born!
  9. Jamaican Dream - Eva Seeds

    Jamaican Dream - Eva Seeds

    The two outer seedlings on the front row have coty leaves like this. I swapped them around and put them on the opposite side to try to see if this is a lighting issue. Gonna check in a few hours to see if they correct themselves... Could Jamaica Dream #5 and #6 be determining thier fate out of...
  10. D

    Just germinated seedling with taproot fell to ground can it harm plant

    since i am a beginner at growing cannabis i worry too much about my seedlings also because they’re dro :p as i was moving my germinated seedlings into soil i accidentally dropped it in the floor but i washed it with water will this expose the plant to anything? also, once i planted the seedling...
  11. Blue Treacle Auto Seed Day1.2.JPG

    Blue Treacle Auto Seed Day1.2.JPG

    Blue Treacle Auto Seed Day1
  12. Blue Treacle Auto Seed Day1.0.JPG

    Blue Treacle Auto Seed Day1.0.JPG

    Blue Treacle Auto Seed Day1
  13. D

    Touched germinated taproot with tweezers, is this okay?

    i germinated a few dro seeds and the taproot came out as i was planting the seedling my tweezers accidentally touched the taproot. will this harm my root or plant? please help!! TIA
  14. T

    First Grow, Need Some Troubleshooting

    Hello all! I’m brand new to this site (first post) and just about as new to growing cannibis. I just started my first grow about 2 weeks ago and have been fine just researching and deciphering the best routes on my own, but not I’ve hit my first real problem: yellowing/burning. I’m currently...
  15. ddGreenThumb

    New Grower - A quest to perfect the art of growing

    Hey guys! I'm a new grower, about 2 months into this wonderful world of growing cannabis. Like most newbies I've been forum surfing and article hopping in an effort to devour as much knowledge as possible to ensure my girls grow healthy, happy, and strong! I'm a bit of an experimentally driven...
  16. Norris flake

    Is my seedling looking healthy?

    Hi, I've just sprouted my first ever seedling. It's a critical kush seed I got from Barcelona. It sprouted straight in it's final growing medium and is 3 days old now. I've grown from cuttings before but never from seeds. I was just wondering if any experienced growers could comment on how it's...
  17. P

    Mutant Haze seedlings - Any help?

    Hi I recently sprouted some Haze seeds that I bought online from one of the Amsterdam companies. The seeds were put into jiffy pods in a seedling box under a LED 23 watt light...nothing unusual. All five sprouted quickly with leggy growth that immediately stopped as soon as the initial leaves...
  18. mutant haze.jpg

    mutant haze.jpg

    mutant haze seedling
  19. N

    Seedling Issues

    Does anyone have any idea of what's wrong with this seedling? Is it wilting or am I just overwatering it or neither? Sorry as this is my first grow. I water it every other day and it was doing great for a while then out of nowhere it began to do this. Note, it is in a 1-gallon fabric pot as...
  20. Momma’s Kitchen

    Peyote Cookie 2018 #2

    What strain is it: Peyote Cookie Limited Edition Bought from: Barney's Farm Seed/Cloned: Seed Genetics: Peyote Purple x Cookies Kush Indica, Sativa or Hybrid: What percentages? 95% India, Mostly Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage: W1V Flowering: 49-55 days Yeilds: 550-600 gr/m² Height: Medium...