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  1. C

    Cheap seeds?

    I'm a new grower, I'm working on my first plant this year and so far its a success. I want to do it again but I can't find where I can get seeds for a good price and from a reliable source. I know I could wait around for seeds to show up in bags but those aren't always the best quality and...
  2. I

    Local seed exchange discussion

    I curious why this has not been mentioned here. I just started with my first plant, which I feminized, and fully intend to get some good seeds from her which I hope to exchange with other local growers. This is common among gardeners but I have never heard weed growers talk about seed...
  3. Cloudblood

    Where are the best seed banks to buy from?

    I am slowly getting serious about my grow's. I would like to have a verified strong seed stock to really start getting my own potent genetically superior grows. I live in NY and that means there are no real 'legal' routes to acquire seeds BUTI really have a strong desire. There are no lack of...
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