sfv og kush

  1. N

    Almost ready?

    Hey there, This is my first grow, live in eastern Ontario. I have two plants;707 headband and SFV. I’m wondering if it’s close to harvest? I’m not in the best location to grow outdoors and my neighbour has two plants on the other side of the fence so the smell is very noticeable. I just want...
  2. SFV OG Kush

    SFV OG Kush

  3. SFV OG Kush

    SFV OG Kush

  4. SFV OG Kush

    SFV OG Kush

  5. SFV OG Kush

    SFV OG Kush

  6. ProfessorFlora

    ProfessorFlora's Wilma LED Auto Photoperiod Showcase: First Journal

    Welcome one and all to my first journal. First off we have an auto grow that is about 2 weeks in and the 4 strains that are going to be showcased are at different stages due to 1 being a mutant which i didn't trust and another didn't pop. so 2 were replaced. There's about a week's difference...
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