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  1. M

    Someone please help!

    I have a GSC plant that I've been growing for about a month now. It seems to be growing VERY slow and has some weird shit on the leaves. Any help or advice would be amazing!!
  2. F

    Bud rot?

    What's going on here?!
  3. T

    BIO FN solids and pot.

    Haven't tried this Mayor's Shit here in MOncton. They say it grows tomatoes as big as Jackpines but I haven't seen it. It is free however. Anyone got experience with it? Biosolids is one term, processed shit is another and since it is 1/50,000th mayors shit it has to be good??? Right???
  4. 1

    Hello from Michigan

    I am a CENA and my clients introduced me to MMR very excitied to learn how to grow good shit for them. Not to good on computer tho but gonna give it my all
  5. LilManBudz

    Mr Nice - Black Widow

    Hi again all, Thought I should start a new journal since I just got new seeds from a new seed bank! Demon seeds have sent me a lovely baseball cap (it's actually really plush and nice, worth more than the cost of postage around here!) and concealed inside where 7 little seeds for me... I have...
  6. C

    Fungicide? Any1 know of a good prevenitive spray?

    I need to prevent my plants from molding due to catapiller damage and shit! Any1 know of a good spray that prevents different kinds of mold?
  7. C

    I Desprately Need Help If I Lose This Crop Il Be Done!

    I need as many suggestions as possible nothing is to stupid! I had a catapiller explosion overnight it seemed like and I tried BT and NEEM for a couple weeks, it didnt work so I used malathion and that did, but my nugs have shit down inside of them from the catapiller and thrips and they are...
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