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Hi again all, Thought I should start a new journal since I just got new seeds from a new seed bank!
Demon seeds have sent me a lovely baseball cap (it's actually really plush and nice, worth more than the cost of postage around here!) and concealed inside where 7 little seeds for me...
I have 3 Black widow and 4 SHIT (SHIT was cheaper) Which are currently housed between 2 plates in the grow tent for warmth, I will soon transfer them out to the veg tent which I have almost finished, just needs more reflective stuff! It has a 2 foot double 18w t8 fluoro in there, and there is also a 20w compact fluoro I just have to re-wire and I can hang that in there also.
Will take pics of the veg tent when it is done and of the seeds when I see a tap root...
I also got my digi PH meter today! I can how test PH AND PPM!!!
I have Advanced nutes Jungle Juice, Some epsom salts, molasses, a veg booster (single use) and seasol to feed em.
I also mixed up a heap of coir peat with perlite, about 50/50 which is all ready to go in pots etc...
for flower I have A.N. Sensi Bloom with the ph perfect cause I have had issues with my White widow grow, a flower booster (single use), and a flowering additive which can be used every 2nd feeding. as well as the molasses for finishing.
Thought since I tried the dutch passion White widow for the 1st grow (my 1st in a loooong time and only my 2nd ever) and stuffed her up pretty good... just hoping she survives long enough to flower now... had to rip her out by the roots and re-pot last week... anyway enough about that, check out the other journal to see that mess...

I am hoping for a much smoother time with mr nice. Shantibaba is the original white widow breeder so I hope to make him proud! and i hear great things about SHIT. I want a couple of males cause I want to collect me some pollen and then I get FREE mr nice genetics on tap! no more seed banks! Fingers crossed for only one male seed per strain! Pics will be provided next posting...
re: Mr Nice - Black Widow

Yo little man, I had a breeze through your WW grow after reading this one. It's looking healthy and primed...

I have to say though, it sounds like you're complicating matters, using multiple additives - it's a hard lesson for new growers, getting impatient and expecting to suddenly find a mature plant bloomed out just because they've added all the nutrients in the world - Less is more - just a word of caution.

Please never rip a plant out by the roots again! Whether you are dealing with rot or merely transplanting to a bigger pot, the way to remove your plant from it's current housing is to place your palm flat on the soil, with the base of your plant between your middle fingers... then you tip the whole pot upside down with your other hand and the soil, roots and plant will drop out of the plant pot as one. Then simply (and very gently) plop it all into your new housing - if rot is the issue, carefully "sweep" the old soil off of the roots (only as much as possible without harming the roots) and plop into the new soil.

Also if you've planted in soil and you're expecting to SEE a tap root, you are interfering too much - the last thing a new born needs is to be handled by human hands - just be patient and wait to see a sprout. If you're using rock wool or towel to germinate however, then I don't mean to take you for an idiot. Obviously you'll see a tap root before transplanting.

Growing is a game of patience and understanding; a marathon, not a sprint.

I have years experience growing, both indoor and out, soil and hydro. and little has changed since the first season, so if you really need sound, safe advice on anything, I'm only here to help!

All the best to you and your buds, lil man!
firstly I must say THANK YOU. any experience I can get I will take, KingJohnC has been very helpful over on the WW thread in the last few days and I have been taking his advice almost to the letter...
I think you might have misread a couple of things, or maybe I didn't type them properly would be a better way to say it... cause at least once, my fault... lol
When I said "ripped out by the roots" That was most definitely NOT what i did! Just to be clear, I rolled the pot around a few times to loosen everything while slightly squeezing it all the way round, then I put my hand over the medium with my middle fingers around the stem and tipped the lot upside down... just as you said... I just didn't 'splain myself very well... BUT since the plant was only a foot tall and not growing, I didn't expect to see the massive root ball I saw! I was trying to get it out of a very large pot of bad soil mix and into a more neutral coir/perlite mix, which I did. but which also meant trying to get as much of the old medium off as possible, and since I started in a large pot, and the mix of the medium was bad, i had these clumps of roots holding on by threads like little brains! and they just tore straight out before I could even catch the dirt! Let me be clear that this was a worst case scenario, I would not have done this If I didn't think she was going to die anyway in the soil she was in...

Also I am expecting to see a tap root because I am germing on plates between wet paper towel (I just dropped the other 2 seeds I got with the WW into wet coir and into a seedling tray with the lid on and the grew spores instead of roots! That was 2 weeks ago now and I wasn't happy, so I am not putting these in the new mix of coir and perlite until I see a cm of tap root inside my paper towel!)

hopefully that 'splains what I did better cause I would hate to have the wrath of an experienced grower! I need you guys to teach me that is why I am here!!!
Respect to you sir. And I hear ya about the patience part, my first ever grow a few years ago I was all eager beaver and they did fine with miracle grow in a WAAAAY too hot environment with no humidity or pH control! This has me stumped! I am trying all suggestions posted by experienced growers though, so please, keep the ideas coming! ESPECIALLY in this thread because I don't want to kill ANYTHING from mr nice... I have one of the best strains in the world germing in my little tent... I want to do her proud!
just a side note, barney from the farm.... would you be THE barney or is that just wishful thinking??
I only ask cause one of the seeds I murdered in the coir was Red Cherry Berry... So I rightfully have to apologize to you for killing one of your premo gene seeds... I take full responsibility for being stupid... won't happen again.... If the BW and SHIT work out I might go another few RCB seeds as I hear she is tasty and terrific! but as you said... patience...
ok for some reason it looks like the word SHIT was modded out of the title of this thread... though it is a legit strain which I have purchased from arguably the most reputable of breeders.... Should I make another thread for the shit? will it be modded to nothing??
oh well for now (and probably for ever) the shit will be in this thread with the BW because I can't be arsed with having 3 threads on the go at once...
Anyway... I am happy to report that I have SHIT cracking all over the place!
Here are my darlings about 3 or 4 hrs after I made them a home in the grow tent...

All lined up like soldiers, 3 Black Widow up top, 4 SHIT down bottom.
Obviously, no action yet in this photo, just thought their first home should be documented.
Now, I check at 11pm tonight, that is about 28-29 hrs since I popped the little plastic vials and distributed them....
What should I find?
Well, I checked the BW first and so far no love there, Yet...

I am already loving Mr Nice! Reason? see for yourself!

Yes, as you can see in just over 24 hrs, ALL 4 SHIT have cracked, 3 are showing basically identical tap roots, and the 4th is about an hr or two behind it has just cracked and swelled a little at this stage... now I am thinking this is FAST... I think I am gonna like this SHIT!
I left them all under the plate for now, I am guessing I will come home tomorrow to 4 SHIT ready to pot and probably 3 cracked BW to be left another day before potting them up... looks like the fluoros are going to be employed very soon!
Just to say it again I already love the shit, if they weren't still in their seeds I would say that 3 of them look like clones! which I reckon they will! hope they are all girlies!
Peace till next time!
No worries! I thought I may have come across as a little pedantic and rude, but if you appreciate the advice, that's all good!

I am Barney, and I am from the Farm. It's worth mentioning the man behind Barney's Farm is actually called Derry, and he is some guy!

Right now I'm growing just about everything BUT Barney's Farm!

If you're a fan of his genetics, I recommend growing Sweet Tooth (phototype) and Lucy (LSD). If you like all-round mind-warping, cosy, tasty sweetness and short grow times. Just a tip off for the future ;)

Glad to hear you're not as aggressive with the plants as first seemed lol You can indeed get a fine harvest using something as generic as miracle grow - it has plenty of nitrogen, potassium and phosphate in it, which are the keys to good veg and good flower! However, if you want to be dealing with just one addiditive (to save money and simplify matters?) I can only recommend CANNA nutrients; they have served me and many others all too well :)

Good luck wit yo grow, bro.

No problems, I know how hard it is to make advice sound nice in writing and not like a lecture, I got the spirit behind your post and I thank you for it.
Well the SHIT tap roots where curling back around the seed today, and the WW had cracked and had about 2mm of tap showing as well...
So they are now a few mm under a coir/perlite mix in my NEW veg tent!
I put the propagator in there under a 48w 5000k CFL I found today at the hardware, once they are out of seedling stage they get transferred to the bottom part of the tent under a 2 foot double 18w flouro with daylight tubes in it.
Will take pix as soon as I see sprouts out of the whole schebang and post em up later.
I will have to stick with the AN stuff for now, when that runs out I might shell out for the CANNA brand stuff I hear good things...
Haven't even cracked my SENSI BLOOM yet cause I haven't needed to!
As soon as I see any sort of new growth on the other WW plant though, she is going 12/12 I am sick of waiting, I just want some smoke! and as soon as she is done I should have some nice lil sexed BW and SHIT to replace her in the flower tent... I just hope whatever the WW gives me is enough to get me though till this grow is complete cause I REALLY want to stop buying this stuff!
Yeah man, I hate dealing with dealers. Weed (as wonderful as it is) ain't worth the premium!

A little extra moisture will usually see off curling, whether it be roots or leaves.

And I can recommend 12/12 from seed (or near to seed in your case), it really just depends on how you manage and support the plant.

Going instant 12/12 really shines as a method though when you grow lots of plants at once.

I have seedlings on here, just under 2 weeks old, 12/12 from day 1, if you'd like a reference point to know where abouts you'll be a couple weeks ahead of yourself. Just a thought.

Good luck to ya! :Namaste:

Oh and as far as your ww is concerned! Get it flowered, man. Like, now. You won't be disappointed :goodjob:
well it's 1am, I am tired as shit and I have work tomorrow.... so no time for a propper reply, that will come later with some pix... BUT
I had a good looooong think about your idea of putting her into flower NOW! I had my hand on the timer and everything! BUT I am going away overnight tomorrow night and I want to be able to check up on her before I go, won't be able to do that if the lights are off... SO...
What I AM going to do is this: When I get back on saturday afternoon, I will check on the seedlings, they should be starting to pop out of my coco... If I see them all looking healthy, I will flick straight to 12/12 8am to 8pm lights off for sunday and from then the tent will be flower only!
I went to all the effort of making a veg tent so I will at least use it till I have the hang of the basics... then I will definitely try new things, like 12/12 from seed, if I manage to get some shit widow or black shit seeds! I'm just concentrating on not killing them at the moment! lol
Anyway i'm having another 3 bongs and going to sleep now... nightey night.
the problem with white widow is it is offered by so many different breeders and it is not all the same strain. to distinguish it from all the look alike white widows being offered Shantibaba renamed his original white widow strain to "black widow" a name he could patent.
the problem with white widow is it is offered by so many different breeders and it is not all the same strain. to distinguish it from all the look alike white widows being offered Shantibaba renamed his original white widow strain to "black widow" a name he could patent.

I always figured a black domin(o?) got it on with a white widow, spawning black widow bambinos, but hey, dude's Canadian! Can't touch that!
lol that's "MR" nice to you!
haha nice to see some activity on the thread! And I will confirm that KingJohnC is absolutely correct, Black widow is the REAL white widow, from what I have been reading from multiple sources, Most of the "white widow" from any other seed bank was back crossed and such from a packet of greenhouse seeds white widow from the 90's. the rest are just the breeder's best strain with frosty bud with a stolen name!
Mr nice USED TO own? work for? Greenhouse seeds, not sure there, but anyway he left and made another seed company, Mr Nice! Owned by Shantibaba. As KJC says, he took his genetics with him but the name became a very loose description of great weed with smokers, and every seed bank in the world has a version of it with the name, so to avoid confusion he re-named his genetics.
I am therefore germing the original bomb shat that won the cannabis cup!
BTW, I have 100% success with a small amount of help for 2 seeds, the only 2 not to have broken the surface tonight. I had to have a gentle dig with a clean nail file and found one seed almost sunk all the way to the bottom of the mix, and the other one had been trying to shove down instead of up! she was all twisted up!
Anyway, GENTLY fished them out, didn't touch them, limited myself to moving the dirt around the root with the sprout. I was able to re-orient them and get them up near the surface, they where a little yellower than the rest, cause they had another few hrs under dirt, but I am happy to report that we have lift off of what I would like to call episode 4. The first grow was a "phantom menace"... and rightly sucked... it was also the "attack of the clones", as you will see next post with pix, and "re-vedge of the sick"...
So now we have this grow, Episode 4: A New Hope.
Let's hope the "Hempire Strikes Back" so I can have a "Return of the Red-eye"!
Ok i'm punned out for the night, will upload pix tomorrow morning when they are all standing tall, as some are still opening... I want comparison pix!
thanks for all the replies guys keep up the discussion!
Comparison pix


24 hours after breaking the surface
ok this will be mostly pics, tired... its late..
I seem to be a little behind you for 24 hrs out. Is there some secret? I have them in coir and perlite which is kept wet, at about 25c and 50% humidity.

clones from the other WW plant, looks like at least 1 is not gonna make it, dont know about the rest, still too early...

The above pics are from yesterday...


And these are from midday and tonight!
They are all up and growing, just not quiiite as quick as yours...
at least they are healthy!
The SHIT seems to have a purple stem trait, the BW just look green but the 2 older looking SHIT are very purple under the same conditions... nice dark green cotys though... will see how they go tomorrow while I toil away.
Well, they were born into 600w of HPS, which helps I guess.

I also like to run my hands through the soil for up to an hour before planting the seed. If i don't like it, I'll buy a fresh patch and feel that one out - a secret for all the wrong reasons. SADLY not a secret any more! I don't even record PH, humidity and such until about a week in. So no, no secrets. Just muddy hands! :)
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