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short plants

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    Should my plants be taller? Remove spotted leaves? Week 4 update - First grow

    SOIL GROW Strain - Hybrid Cinderella XX # of Plants - 9.5 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative week 4 from sprouting through soil Bucket Size - 3 - Gallon Lights - (1) LED Spydrx Plus Nutrients - General Hydronponics Medium - Perlite Vermiculite Coco not sure ratios PPM - 1000 PH - around...
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    Looks good so far - But

    Hey ladies and gentlemen, first time poster, long time reviewer (of posts). I found a plant online that looks kind of strange. its short and bushy, has terrific underbrush coming in and is approximately 8 weeks old from germination. The issue I'm having with this internet plant is that it...
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    Dwarf plants

    hey guys, I recently began to grow a weed plant from a seed a friend gave me. And well everyone told me that it was hard as heck, and so far i have obtained this pretty thing: It´s 6´2 tall and i read that if i did it right there is a process to keep it that height, and while...
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