1. MortalWombat

    Top Snap During Flowering

    Hello :420: , So today during my girls feeding I accidentally snapped one of her tops when I was trying to get to some of the fan leaves obstructing the lower tops. I know she will be fine and has plenty more tops left, however, my question to you guys is should I leave the branch it snapped...
  2. eddieo

    Problems while Mainlining

    Hey guys this is my first grow Its been about 5 weeks since sprout. Here are the specifications of equipment im using to grow:- Hydroponics Deep water culture (DWC) with water feeder 400W MH/HPS Clay pebbles OG KUSH FloraTrio Nutrients Basically while i was attempting to main line I...
  3. mreko

    Tuesday's Horror Stories - Auto flower main stem snapped

    :yikes: This is the story of Two Auto Flowers - Day 26 One left untouched, looks really good and healthy. The other one Low Stress Trained, healthy and strong until today. I woke up and almost have a heart attack, the main stem was snapped, almost fully! She has 7 nodes and she is now injured...
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