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Problems while Mainlining


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Hey guys this is my first grow Its been about 5 weeks since sprout. Here are the specifications of equipment im using to grow:-
Deep water culture (DWC) with water feeder
Clay pebbles
FloraTrio Nutrients

Basically while i was attempting to main line I accidently snapped one of the main nodes that i was using. Here is an imagine of what i mean, before and after.
Problem while mainlining - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
Problem while mainlining - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery

As you can see I currently only have 1 leaf and I have 2 more leaves coming out from the center.
*Basically I want to know if this plant will still have a mainline and carry on crowing collas from both sides.
*If i need to keep or remove those two baby leaves coming out from the middle.
*And if there is anything to do to help my plant recuperate from this accident.

Root growth still looks great roots are very long and healthy.

Please help this newbie out. Thanks



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I would just let it be for a while and let her recover on her own. I would move the light up a little or her to the side of the light to reduce her stress at first.

She looks a little pale in the pic and the leave edges are rolling up.

What is the PH and Humidity like and how much are you feeding her?


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thanks for the reply DukeO the pH on average is around 5.9 i try to keep it as that but somedays i come home and it shoots up to 7.5 pH by itself and humidity is usually around 40-55%.
The leaves don't look too bad in real life I'm not sure if it's just the pic.
And as for nutrients I'm giving half the advised dosage.
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were you trying to bend the plant to train it and it snapped, or did you intend to remove the top and took more than intended?

that wide of ph shift possibly indicates unwanted bacteria in the rez. and i think the leaf curl means either temps are to high or getting feed to much.


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Hey guys thanks for the replies.
The plant snapped while i was cutting away i put too much pressure on the stem with my hand at first it was just hanging off and while attempting to tape it up it came off completely.

And nutty i havent seen that type of main lining before. I was sort of following this guys guide. I know I started mine pretty early only because he said somewhere that his plant was too big when he started. It looks like its recuperating pretty good heres an updated pic.
IMG_060036 - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
IMG_059936 - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
As you can see the curled leaf problem is still there I will try to replenish the water tank with lower nutrients. And as for the temp in the tent its on average around 28, by the plant probably cooler due to the intake fan.

let me know what you think guys
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