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First Ever Grow - 400W - SCROG - OG Kush


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OG KUSH feminized one plant.

Plant Status:
Day 1 Flower
Total Veg time 60 Days

Method of grow:
Indoor tent 60x60x160cm
10L Hydroponics DWC

Clay pebbles

Equipment specifications:
400W Metal Halide (MH) Veg and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Flower
5" TD Silent fan 350m3/hr Ducting
5" Mixed flo fan 280m3/hr Intake
350m3/hr Carbon Filter Pro Air
Garden Highpro Eco Fan Clip 6" Air circulation
Budget water stone
60x60 scrog screen

FloraTRIO- FloraGro, Flora Micro, Flora Bloom
Leaf Green Dutch Pro

Average Tent temperature:
26 Degrees celsius Light on
21 Degrees celsius Light off

PH Level

Hello and Welcome Smokers!
Starting this journal on day 1 of flowering but will be posting some old pics too. This is my first grow and also first journal of any sort so please expect many nooby questions :p.
I had a few set backs on this grow at about 2 weeks in veg I dropped the plant right after topping it the first time and was left with only 1 leaf (I was attempting to create a manifold). After it recovered I was left with a lopsided plant the side with the 1 leaf obviously grew much quicker.
Plant looks pretty good now have been topping, low stress training and unintentionally High stressed trained a stem or two :smokin2:.
The scrog screen is pretty much filled up and decided to switch to flower today. Then got a little excited and decided to start this journal
Hope you enjoy and stay tuned :cool027:

Week 1 veg

Manifold fail same week

Lopsidedness :laugh2: Around week 3


45 Days Veg (Sorry for the side ways pics from now btw)


CURRENT (15/10/2015) 60 DAY PIC. Just switched to 12/12 HPS lighting.


David Bowman

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Hi eddieo,

I've embedded your photos into your post for you. Personally, I use the "My Photos" button at the bottom left side of the text input window to embed photos in my posts. I hope that helps.

Greenest Regards,
Colorado High


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Awesome looking scrog canopy. Hope my plants fill out that nice when I flip.

Approx what height are you keeping that HPS from the plants? I am adding one and want to be sure I have enough overhead room.


Thanks dude :D
My light is approximately 20 inches away from the plant but I am thinking about bringing it a bit closer till the plant stretches a little more.

But i have just found a major issue with my plant. I hadn't changed the water for a few days and I found that it has root rot :(. It doesn't look severe yet but when i opened the reservoir a slight unpleasant smell came from the water and roots are turning creamy brownish. The root is basically a big ball at the moment does anyone have any suggested products or methods to remove this root rot, will i have to cut any of the roots off?

P.S I live in the UK It's hard to find products like Hydroguard if anyone knows any products which do the same thing please let me know.


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I also noticed a few lower leaves which have brown spots and a bit crispy that's what made me inspect the water and roots.
Another thing while flushing the roots with tap water I found one or two very small bugs. At first i thought it was a flea by the way it jumps around, but I have no idea how that would get in there. I have a bugshield net on the intake fan and I don't have any major pests living in my house. The bug was slightly brown nearly black with a black spot inside it's back/bum.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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Subbed. Nice strain. Been wanting to grow it for a while but never got round to it.


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Problems occured:
*Some sort of root rot. (28/10/15)
Roots turned very dark brownish cream colour and foul odour coming from reservoir.
Also random leaves around the plant were dying and changing colour.

While examining roots I found very small black flea looking bugs hiding in the root ball.

What I did:
At firstly I sort of panic'd to be honest and removed the dead root ball that was hanging off my poor plant.
I only saw about 2 or 3 of those pests but I thoroughly flushed and rinsed the roots until they sort of looked like this.

Please mind my girlfriends bath products in the background :p

I kept pot and reservoir water clean and as free as possible from dead debris.
Then eliminated any possible light reaching into the reservoir to avoid water to get too warm.

I bought a new and more powerful air pump and stone to cover more area and generate more oxygen for the roots. I also purchased a product from the US called Hydroguard it was highly recommended to treat root rot online. I know there are many similar products probably for cheaper but I just had my mind fixed to this one at the time.

I know some things I did to the plant may not be the right thing but this is my first grow and would like to experiment and learn as much as possible. Please do let me know If I made any mistakes or if I can improve my grow in any way.

How it's looking now 29 Days in flower




Day 20. Do you think I should keep the discoloured root?


Bud close up day 23 flower

That's all I have for now please let me know what you guys think If the buds are too small, or if I made a mistake cutting the roots or something. I'm quite sure It stunted the growth quite a bit this root rot situation, before I cut the roots the plant wasn't drinking much water at all. As soon as the new root growth came through I saw a difference in the plant already.


Also here is a picture of the undergrowth of the screen. I strongly believe I should have removed all this growth pre flower. I see many people against pruning branches during flower but I want to hear more opinions from you guys. Do you think I should trim all undergrowth popcorn looking bud which receives no light so that the tops can be focused on?

Please keep me posted guys Thanks again! :blunt:


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You are very lucky you didn't lose the entire plant. Let me suggest use the hydroguard at 2ml/us gallon in your reservoir at all times. My dwc runs warm and I use it everytime. Just posted a photo of my big girls root mass tonight. See what you think. I would be tempted to see if the brown root would remove easily, if not maybe h2o2? You are close to harvest and I'd hate to see you lose it. Best advice...do what you think best, you're there seeing it first hand. I wish you good luck, I want to see fat buds. :)


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Besides the problems you've picked up, your plants still look good. I don't know much about hydro, but it looks like you've taken the right steps to recovery.

I'm a fan of defol, but if your plants have issues then maybe the extra stress of defol might not be so good. When your root mass starts to improve and you feel your plants are strong then go ahead and clean up under the canopy.


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Interesting. I have a west coast Ghost OG pheno which is basically the same strain (Triangle Kush => Ghost OG => OG Kush => True OG => Tahoe OG Kush => Lost Coast OG => etc. etc.). It is reported to be one of the best, if not the best weed strain that anyone has produced (for the quality high of the bud).

I am cloning it now and I will be growing a couple inside under 400W MH over the winter, and then growing more outside next year. Sorry that I cannot help you with hydro, I do not grow that way, and never have. I grow all of mine in my own mix of soil.


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Will have an OG kush of my own coming in the near future, will be in dirt. That said i cant offer any help with your root problem.
I have to agree with TheBlaze, still an amazing looking lady.

Would also agree with waiting to defol until shes healthier.

Curious to see her finish, so ill be subbing in!:thumb:
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