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Hi everyone , I'm day 40 into my first grow and decided to start a Journal so I can get as much advice as possible and share pics etc
I'm growing a Special Queen #1 and White Widow both from royal queen seeds and a random seed which is a female . I'm running a 400w phillips hps and 2700k 130w cfl in flower room and just a 6400k 130w and a 42w spiral in veg. Plants started in peat plugs inside peat pots then pot and all into a coco,soil and perlite mix.
Nutes are a part a and b grow research and seasol for vegatative and Dutch master gold flower part a/b and a flowering booster from local hydro shop. They are on a 20/4 cycle and just switched female to 12/12 .
Heat runs at 24-29 c with intake ,fan to blow over plants and 2 exhaust. Will send some pics when work out how to lol
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Special queen #1 at 24 days from seed
Am I in the right section for a couple replies lol , everything going well so far ,feeding every 3 days till run off ,mix of medium is draining really well.had trouble with drainage at start and it slowed my bag seed down massively till I started to look at other people's posts on here,awesome site . Will keep posting pics and updates
Growing in 2x closets 1m x 50cm x 2m high,struggled getting heat down but with good ventilation now heat is down to 28 c .White Widow taproot starting to come out bottom of small peat pot so put her in bigger pot today. Trimmed a couple of leaves off bottom of SQ .she's starting to smell already lol is this common. Bag seed I've put in flower doesn't even smell as strong lol anyway will send more pics as progress.
Awesome lookn seedlings gud luck I'm like in the middle of my first grow as well. Well actually I'm kinda in the middle of my first grow and my second lol. I started a hydro setup but it's to much to do in the house and since I'm redoin the shed out back I'm jus guna finish my first harvest with the hydro then put the setup out in the shed. And I also started sum seeds in a coco soil perlite nitro bat guano mix n am guna do those in the house:) anyway feel free 2 stop by my 2 journals if u want my hydro one is Blazinjones hydro ebb and flow grow journal 2016 and my soil one is blazin a trail threw a soil coco setup then I list the strains jus for the soil one don't pick the ones tht have Blazinjones first the mods havnt taken them down yet n thy r mess ups lol
Cheers Blazinjones, will look it up tonight for sure ,not sure where to get bat guano here in Australia. Will ask hydro shop ,is it good for veg and flower or just flower? Thanks again
Croatsan...dude awesome pics cheers heaps been wondering how they will look :) does SQ handle a FIM? Or is it better to leave her alone? Only using 1 x 400w hps and a 130w 2700k cfl .closet is only 2 meters high what sort of height did you reach bro? Thanks heaps for pics and reply will post pics of random seed I've just put into flower
Random seed .unknown Strain, she's only 5 days into 12/12 .will be cool seeing what she produces :) poor girls been through hell with me learning to train and FIM lol so she's a little small.......
Does SQ handle a FIM? Or is it better to leave her alone? Only using 1 x 400w hps and a 130w 2700k cfl .closet is only 2 meters high what sort of height did you reach bro?

It does handle it well. Both, topping and FIMming. The left one was topped, the right one was fimmed and went ballistic :)

At the time this photo was taken they were exactly 80cm (31.5'') tall.

Nothing much to report unfortunately.....trimmed Sq. Ww is on second set shade leaves and unknown random in flower has like 14 colas but no buds yet....been almost 2 weeks but has been fimmed ,trained and experimented on poor bitch ha ha anyway will post pics when random does her thing and sq #1 is ready for flower approx 1 week fingers crossed
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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