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Hey 420'ers,
Im starting my second journal as my first one failed, which you can see here:
Stealth - 130W CFL Veg - 400W HPS Flower - Bag Seed - Soil
I had all the right ingredients but the seed stock was rubbish, My plant was Hermi and it shattered me so much that I abandoned my journal and killed the filthy swine.
Being an Australian its damn hard to get seeds here without the seed banks just blatantly ripping you off...
It turned me off and I ended up selling my HPS lighting and large 1m x 1m x 2m grow tent to a friend (who's journal I will add once he is up and running) and purchased a small 50cm x 50cm x 1m tent from Harvemax® and rigged up my original vegging light which is a Growlush 130w CFL and a single 26w CFL lamp, this combined with a single fan in the grow tent is ample for the space.
I will continue to post pics every few days and keep you updated with progress.
Thanks for taking the time to have a look.
re: 130W CFL - Bag Seed - Soil - Mini Grow Tent"

First pics of the girls in their new home.
Wish me luck!
re: 130W CFL - Bag Seed - Soil - Mini Grow Tent"

Day 6 (first pic) and day 7 (second pic) from seed, Added the additional 24w CFL, changed lighting cycle to 18/6 as I have been using 24 hours of light.

Looking good but still too early to tell if sativa or indica dominant.

re: 130W CFL - Bag Seed - Soil - Mini Grow Tent"

Day 12 from seed, had a small fungus gnat infestation quickly taken care of with a Neem oil water mix flooded through the pots.
Transplant tomorrow into final pots and start lst after recovery.
Day 13, I picked the two strongest and transplanted into the final pots, added a layer of perlite for reflection.
looking good. Expecting rapid growth over the next week or two.
I have also added 2 additional 26w CFL's.
Total wattage is now 208w, I have ordered a splitter so I will also have another 130w cfl taking the total to 338w, until my LED arrives. (Viparspectra 600w)
Day 14,
Plant has almost fully recovered from transplant,
still a tiny bit droopy but centre leaves have continued growing.
Day 15,
I know its very different from the last pic yesterday, but I wanted to document the recovery time of the transplant,
to the naked eye its very similar but the leaves have straightened a tiny bit and the centre leaves have continued to grow.

Next update in 2 days.
Nice Greenman! Love seeing cfls grows. Your ladies are looking real good. I'm subbed in on this one.

Happy Growing!!!

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Thanks Bigred!
Hoping I can set a standard for a successful budget cfl grow,
I try not to let you down man!

Updates coming every day or 2.
Any advice is welcomed too buddy.
130W CFL - Bag Seed - Soil - Mini Grow Tent

I'm a beginner myself man.

I'm on my second grow now strain is auto 2 fast 2 vast I'm on day 10 of veg. Also using cfls. Happy to post a pic of my baby if you would like to see

Seems like you got everything going on. Ill help and try to answer any questions you have. I've been looking around for another cfl grower to follow.

Only thing I can suggest is get cfls as close as possible without doing any heat damage. Cfls also put off more light horizontal then vertical also reflectors would also help. I've done made homemade reflector that I'm kinda known for. It's cheap and easy to do. I've been called the baking pan man cause on a budget Grow can't afford expensive equipment and grow lights. I did invest in good soil and nutrients. I can also post pic of reflector if you like also?

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Yeah man please share some pics of anything you think may help my cause,
Also can you link in your Journal, i'd love to see some progress and ill also sub so I can follow your journey mate.
Will do man. I'll send some pics your way.

I'm new to the site I'm not real sure how to link you my journal it called "My Second Grow" bigred1991 also in complete journals is my first Grow named "My First Grow" damn I need to name my titles more specific. Please go check my Grow out.

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Here's a pic of my Baby.
Strain: Auto 2 fast 2 vast
Day: 10 in veg


Also here's a few pic of a homemade reflector. It's baking dish done cut fit my bulbs in with splitters. It really helps the light to reflect more downward to help penetrate more light to your plants

Thats awesome man, props for the ingenuity!
I think iv seen your baking dish reflector elsewhere coz its ringing a bell haha! I might have to make a trip to the supermarket tonight :thumb:
Mate that 2 fast 2 vast is looking fantastic for 10days wow! :goodjob: Thats the best thing about good genetics, they are just so healthy, are you feeding it anything?

P.s to share your journal, just go to your journal in another browser tab and copy and paste the URL into a reply onto mine.
130W CFL - Bag Seed - Soil - Mini Grow Tent

Thanks man I was up late one night and it just hit me with the baking pan.

A lot of people said the same thing. It's kinda hard to forget seeing a baking pan with a bunch of lights in them.

Yes I'm feeding her all fox farm nutes. I only feed her once 3 days ago on week one gave her a shot Big Bloom. Not much though just enough where she can get a taste.

Yeah this strain seems to have very good genetics and the name speaks for itself. She sure is fast I'm just hoping she's just as much vast then fast haha

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My Second Grow
Hi everyone I started my second grow. Hope all goes well. Any input and tips will be helpful. Here's my setup.

Strain: 2 fast 2 vast

Breeder: Heavyweight Seeds

Harvest: 60 to 80 days

Yield: High

THC: 18% to 20%

Height: 40 inches

Parents: Fast and Vast and Northern Lights

Grow Space: Closet

Pot Size: 5 Gallon Pot

Soil: Organic Soil,Peat Moss,Perlite 1/3 ratio

Veg Cycle: Use 6 100w actual 23w 7000k 2 100w actual 23w 2700k

Flowering Cycle: ? As many 100w actual 23w 2700k I can fit in grow space

I'm ready to get started seed is germinated and just got put in pot. Time to let the good time roll

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looks good mate,
Iv seen some pretty epic grows just using the same cfl's you have, so good luck, you should be good.
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