1. niktgg

    Niktgg's 2x2x48 OG Godfather Bada Bing

    Hey now, first time indoor old guy with a little experience with an outside bush years ago! Strain/s: OG Godfather FEM Genetic Makeup: Indica made by crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG Pot/Bucket Size: 3.5 Gallon Tent Size: 2'x2'x48" Grow Space: 2x2x48 How Many Plants: 2 Environment: Indoor Stage...
  2. Smilemeds

    Highly experienced Vermont Micro Highdro Auto flower Cabinet grower - year 12 growing autos

    This old (10 years now) micro grow cabinet is a 3 foot long, 1 1/2 foot deep and 5 feet height. Two Mars hydro sp150s hang over the canopy 260 true watts 400 cfm carbon Vivosun filter changed every 9-12 months. This vents out cabinet perfectly. 75 to 80 degrees 40%to 50% rh 20 hours on 4 hours...
  3. Bounce3d

    Grow 3 - GSC - Scrog

    These girls had a long slow Veg as they where waiting for the main box to be cleared out. they were under 1 x 11w cfl for 101 days, since clones. my last grow i had 1 x pot with 2 plants and 1 x pot with 4 plants in it. this time i have gone 2 plants per pot, two pots. running the same...
  4. VetSmoke85

    Vetsmoke Goes Perpetual With Bonsai Mothers, Clones & DIY Builds

    Hi All! Got a lot of new stuff coming up so I thought I would start a fresh journal to document my new setup, plans and progression in one consolidated thread which will stay ongoing for the foreseeable. You may want to grab a brew, spark up a smoke and get comfy as this is quite a long intro...
  5. syenite

    Escape Velocities: Syenite's Stealth Miniatures

    Hello everyone! Earlier this year I started growing for the first time. I live in a tiny, tiny house. In 2020, I'm living for this. The boxes I have two micro spaces for the plants, each giving me little more than 30 cubic cm (or 1 cubic foot) between the top of the soil and the top of the...
  6. M

    Right on! Hello growers! New Here

    Hey guys! Happy to be here and join you in this community. It is soo amazing how much help you guys give to each other. I really do see the “We are in this together” Right On! New grower, I will be starting out with a - 2x4x5 Vivosun tent - Seeds - Forbidden Dream and Lemon 18 - Ac...
  7. xllGHOSTllx

    2x2 Grow Tent

    Got a small closet 2x2 tent going with a couple seeds I found in some good smoke. Starting this journal late as it’s on day 8 of flower. Started out using a 600w bestva blurpul light then added a philizon 1000w qb, about 250 actual watts between the both. Using 3gal basic square pots. Temps with...
  8. Auto Northern Lights

    Auto Northern Lights

    Auto Northern Lights from Dope Seeds. About 4 weeks old now. Not bad for a tiny pot.
  9. bigkahuna

    Bigkahuna's Second Grow: Jet Fuel Bagseed, Indoor, Soil, CFL To LED

    Hey everyone! This is my second grow ever, my first was documented here a little over 5 years ago. I still kept looking at people's journals though because i enjoy it so much. I have moved around quite a bit so I didn't get the chance to start another one until now. First seed showed root...
  10. SweeetExide

    PC Hydro-SWC White Cookie 2018

    The idea was to build a stealth pc to start clones or seedlings, then I got carried away and wanted to see just how well a few things work to the end of a plants life cycle. those things are: 1. The lights (Philips 13w LED's) 2. The SWC (Shallow water culture) 3.The smell (DIY carbon...
  11. bipolar

    My New Grow Setup

    The equipment I ordered finally arrived. I have been putting together my grow setup for the past few days. A 5'x5' grow tent a 6" filter and fan 2 Mars Epistar 160 LED lights. It is a deep water system. The plastic tubs are 102 liters or 25 gallons, each one has five 5" mesh pots and two air...
  12. R

    New Hydro Setup?

    Hello people, Im putting together a wish list for a new grow. I've done the organic thing a fair few times but now I want to up my game. Please can you people in the know look through this spec and let me know what you think?? Grow Tent BudBox Pro - 1m x 1m x 1.8m Propagation...
  13. GreenmanQLD

    Indoor LED Start - Outdoor Finish - Bag Seed - Soil

    Hey 420'ers, Im starting my second journal as my first one failed, which you can see here: Stealth - 130W CFL Veg - 400W HPS Flower - Bag Seed - Soil I had all the right ingredients but the seed stock was rubbish, My plant was Hermi and it shattered me so much that I abandoned my journal and...
  14. N

    What's going on with my plants? Help!

    I'm currently running a flood drain system. The Ph is where it's supposed to be and I'm currently using floragro, micro and bloom.
  15. B

    Lucas Formula in soil question

    Im currently on day 19 of flowering and started using gh's 2 bottle, lucas formual feeding. What I don't understand is how is it that I give the plant exactly the same amount of nutes from vegetative growth through flowering? It doesn't make sense to be giving it the same ratios throughout its...
  16. SomeWhiteMF

    Micro Grow Experiment

    Hey Everyone, I'm going to conduct a little experiment to try and grow a plant under 4in and flower it. I am currently germinating 4 bag seeds. I'm hoping to at least get two females. I need two females because I am also conducting a side experiment using a black light. I've been researching...
  17. W

    Woerr's - Micro - CFL - Soil - Blue Cheese - Grow Journal - 2016

    Strain: Blue Cheese - Indica dominant hybrid Has been in VEG for three weeks Indoor Compost and potting soil 1Gal pot 100W CFL, 20W LED Exaust vent only Currently watering every 3 days no fertilizer used yet Bottom leaves yellowing and falling off. not sure why though. Input would be...
  18. N

    LED Cabinet Mission

    Hello there, I am Not Daniel. I will be growing Cinderella 99 in my newly acquired grow cabinet that has been fashioned out of an old newspaper dispenser. The total growing space are 15'' X 19" X 3' . The light source is a GlobalStar 300 watt LED with separate bloom and veg. spectrum. As you...
  19. L

    Biobizz Soil Micro Grow With T5s

    Hi all just thought it would be good to share my first biobizz micro grow so here goes.:cheertwo: Micro Set up Micro grow tent width 30cm x depth 30cm x 60cm high 2x Sunblaster 6400k t5 nano tech 2x Bloom t5s nano tech (for flower finish) Ph soil tester. Ph tester for liquid. 4 ltr grow...
  20. K


    Indoor, micro setup and need advice on odor control
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