Old Mate's - Soil - CFL - Blue Dream - 2015


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Strain: Humboldt Seed Organisation - Blue Dream (Blueberry x Super Silver Haze)
Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Set Up: 1m x 1m Sea Hawk grow tent
Phillips 80w CFL (Planning on moving up to a 225w CFL and a bigger reflector)
Growing in a mixture of standard potting soil and perlite, fertilised with with 20ml Nitrosol diluted in 10 litres of water

I germinated 3 seeds on the 5th of January in a piece of moist paper towel in a zip lock bag.
On the 8th of January all three seeds were ready and had developed strong healthy tap roots. That morning I transferred all three seeds into individual pots of the fertilised soil/perlite mixture.
I placed the pots under the 80w CFL in a 1m x 1m grow tent.
By 7pm that night all three seedlings had broken the surface.

Photos taken today:

These plants have been a dream to grow so far, two shooting up much faster than I expected. One of the saplings growth was stunted in comparison so I moved it outside to grow out with my GHS Kalashnikova. It seems to be loving my local climate and although still inferior to It's sisters it is now growing strong. The two plants remaining in the tent display slightly different phenotypes. One is slightly shorter but has begun to develop branches (left of photo), where as the other has not developed any branching but is growing taller (right of photo).



So today I decided to compare the two indoor Blue Dreams with the one growing outdoors. Through out the grow I had noticed some subtle differences between the plants indoors and out doors which I attributed to phenotypes and the different climates, but the differences have gotten to a point where I am beginning to wonder whether the slow growing weak blue dream sapling was a blue dream at all. It's leaves are much longer and a lot lighter coloured, the main stem is significantly stronger, and it seems to be putting more energy into growing outwards than upwards (unlike the other two).
Is it likely that I could have been given a wrong seed in the bag? Or is this purely to do with a mixture of phenotype and setting?
Any help or opinions appreciated

The two grown indoors -


The one grown outdoors -


Leaf from Indoor with most similar leaf -


Leaf from outdoor -


Comparison of colour -

Howdy Illawarra neighbor :byebye:

The girls are looking good.
I'm not a very experienced grower, but something that popped into my head, was maybe a nitrogen toxicity.
Maybe too much feeding for your indoor plants. Because your outside one is getting strong sun light, instead of artificial CFL light,
it requires more energy for growth, so it is using up more nitrogen, hence lighter coloured leaves.

Whereas, your indoor ones might be getting more nitrogen than they can consume, because of lower light levels.
That probably explains why your outside girl is short and wide (lots of light), but your indoor ones are stretching to reach the light,
so are focused on growing up, which is a natural instinct for them.

Just a thought.

Me personally, I'd lower the light a little. Get it as close as you can, just as long as they aren't getting burnt.

Considering it's a CFL grow, have you thought about FIMing or topping the indoor girls?
That didn't really occur to me but would definitely be the most likely explanation. I upped my fertiliser last week to boost up my out door plant to prepare it for the fast approaching 12/12 time period. I didn't consider the difference the light source would have on growth. I always run my light as close to my plants as I can due to its small output, but I should be up grading to a 400w HPS soon which will hopefully solve a few problems.

I was considering topping them to get them a similar high then using some sort of canopy management, but it is a hard decision. One thing I love about growing is the amount of diversity in how different strains grow. I feel like that is lost a bit when you change the way the plant is growing.
Hope all is well in your world.

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