help 1st grow

  1. H


    Hello new grower here . I have 3 plants in there 3rd week of flowering . 2 are feminized 1 is a found seed . This is the found seed and Really worried if I have a Hermie here ? I just don’t know
  2. M

    Sad looking plants, leaves twisting, curling

    So i started some new plants a few weeks ago and I'm having the same problem that i had with my grow a month or 2 back. Bottom leaves on all my plants start to slowly curl down, some of them twisting. And than i notice it works the way up. I will mention that it contiues to grow, but very...
  3. R

    Help me please! Yellow, brown, pale green leaves

    This is my first grow it’s a white widow x B.B auto growing in soil haven’t had a problem untill now it’s going a little slow anyway it’s 8 weeks 1 day old and the bottom leaves are turning a pale green and yellowish and some are going brown and crispy only towards the bottom nothing at the top...
  4. I

    Need help: Outdoor plant has brown pistiles

    I have an outdoor autoflower plant has been doing great. no problems and all of a sudden the pistol heads have gone brown but anrent really dry. Dont know if i should be worried, but it deffinatly looks different from my other plants
  5. Z

    Help! Are My Plants Hermies?

    Super new to this, pretty sure i have 1 male, but think a few of my females might be hermies... can anybody help identify for me?
  6. N

    Seedling Issues

    Does anyone have any idea of what's wrong with this seedling? Is it wilting or am I just overwatering it or neither? Sorry as this is my first grow. I water it every other day and it was doing great for a while then out of nowhere it began to do this. Note, it is in a 1-gallon fabric pot as...
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    F1 description- courtesy van stank
  8. CharlieG

    Help! One plant dead second on the way out

    A couple days ago I found one of my plants pretty much laying on its side and it looked as though the stalk had been nibbled. I took the plant out of the room because it already looked beyond the point of return. I got a couple mouse traps set them up thinking that would resolve the issue but...
  9. wearefarmers77

    Best way to remove slime root rot from plants

    first time grower im using two diff cleansers 1 hygrozyme and also sm90 to do a little experiment to see any progress. i put sm90 in 3 buckets followed with hygrozyme. and in 7 of them that arnt as slimy just hygrozyme. no nutrients inside the 5 gallon buckets just water ph 5.8 doing a flush. im...
  10. B

    Help - Plant is dying at a young age and I don't know what's wrong with it

    hello this is literally my first ever grow. i did lots of research and everything i know is from doing internet searches. i bought five BigBud feminized seeds from an online seed bank, i germinated a seed. it germinated fine and i planted it in a small pot (since it was just a seedling)...
  11. E

    Hello from London - 1st time setup please check if correct

    What Strain is it? white widow Feminized seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? hybrid What percentages? 35%isativa 65% indica How Many Plants? 20in total. 4 per a light. is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? not germinated yet If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? If in Flowering...
  12. DeploVape

    Does this look like over watering? First time grow

    Strain - Indica Holy Grail Kush, Indica Tahoe Alien Og # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 1 Gallon Lights - T5- 4ft 4 bulb fixtue Nutrients - None Medium - Fox Farms Ocean Forest RH - 31% to 48% Room Temperature -72-79 Problem: I planted these girls 2 days...
  13. H

    First Time Grower

    Hongwell is on board...long time user first time grower...from seedling to pot..just wondering how deep should my girl be in the soil
  14. G

    Will my plant recover?

    First grow from bag seed. So far looks indica to me. Currently 14 days old. A few days ago an accident happened where i was readjusting the pot under the light and the the whole thing fell over snapping the main stem right beneath the first seed leaves. I quickly wrapped the plant around the...
  15. M


    Hi all, New here, but I need some advice as to what is wrong with my plant. I have 3 plants but only 1 seems to be suffering from leaves dying. I have added pictures as to what I am having to deal with. I am on my 3rd week of flowering. I have got advice off people in my area but no-one can...
  16. C

    First time growing need help!

    This is my first time growing, but I'm just missing one thing, I need a good growing medium available in eastern Ontario Canada, I need a good soil/fertilizer, that I can get, I've tried getting FoxFarm's Oceans and Forests, but sadly I can't get it, it's on Amazon but the prices are ridiculous...
  17. F

    Major problem please help - 5 weeks into flower

    Made a huge mistake and think I have completely fcked it ! :( I have 6 plants under a 400hps in a grow tent. Started out in my wardrobe under a CFL. Vegged for ages and then moved them into the tent under the new light and roughly 5 weeks ago did the switch. I have no clue what I'm doing other...
  18. G

    First grow questions that I cannot find answer for

    Greetings, in my first grow i used a PC case which is medium size and i used 2 led lights. The first one is 18W LED Grow light from ebay and the second one is 14W LED bulb (the light comming out of the case is pretty blinding ) that i got from my local store ,the whole inside of the case is...
  19. A

    Only small buds in my first grow indoor

    HI ALL. my first grow is outdoor in winter 12/12 form seeds. total 85 days for harvest. I watering to much and my pot is bad in Drainage so my girl is really no good when i realize roots needs more oxgen is too late for my girl to veg so i got really small girl age tall...
  20. B

    Need help to determine if my plant is stretching out

    Hey Guys, this is my first grow and I think my plant is growing to fast in height but not becoming bushy enough. please see the photos and suggest what i can do to change the course. Also, in General, please let me know how they look and please feel free to give me any advice you think I need...