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help 1st grow

  1. nemmondommeg

    Are they hermies?

    Im a beginner grower, and these started to appear now. They are in the early stages of flowering. They are outdoor plants, feminized, and autoflowering. These little “balls” doesnt have stems, they came out next to those “hairs” at the stem. I would greatly appreciate your help, thanks in advance !
  2. S

    1st Grow, Please Help, LST & Nitrogen Toxicity?

    Hi. 1st grow - Guerilla Glue #4 originally had some issues with dark green leaves and curled at ends... as I did research - i believe my Fox Farm soil was too "hot" and led to Nitrogen Toxicity. the plant seems to still be "curling" and a bit stunted / slower growth... I tried LST about a...
  3. N

    Help please!

    ok, so im a long time daily smoker, first time grower! I have 2 girls growing right now, one (peanut butter breath) which is doing amazing..but I have this other one that was given to me and I have no idea what is wrong with her, its some sort of deficiency that I just can't figure out..firstly...
  4. S

    Dark green seedling, yellowing on the other

    I am in happy frog soil in mars hydro 4x4 tent with mh tsw 2000 300 watt led light 25 percent at 24 inches. I did use some dynonyco micorrhizal sprinkled into the hold before planting as well as watering with it. It seems like plant is decently healthy can tug on it lightly and still stays...
  5. S

    Please help me: just learning

    aku s Is my plant normal and okay? Because I see there is a little yellow color on the contyledon leaves.
  6. J

    What do you guys think?

    Flowering end of week 6 I caught the nitro burn thanks to your guys's help I've cut back on the nitro. Under a 600 watt LED water every other day using tiger bloom Fox Farm nuits. I keep keeping a temp around 67 or lower humidity 50 do you guys see anything I'm missing. About how much longer do...
  7. J

    Trichromes or Mold: that is the question

    Just wondering what you guys think I think trichromes but have someone telling me otherwise.....what's your opinion.
  8. CosmicSisi

    Help! I was given five plants: how can I save them?

    Hi guys! I am a newbie grower. I am still learning so much I have been lurking the shadows and doing research for more hours than I can count on my hands. I know some terminology and am willing to research anything anyone says that I do not know. Please bare with me here because I want to save...
  9. D

    Auto flower plants are 27 days old: how am I doing?

    Hi! I am a brand new grower and I am currently working on a project with an ak-107 autoflower and two gg#4 autos (came free with my purchase of ak seeds, not sure if they are actually autoflower or not). I live in an apartment so there is not much space to work with. my grow tent just sitting...
  10. 4

    Help needed: Leaves crinkly & buds not smelling

    Hi everyone, Third week in 12/12 hour flowering, Dinafem Critical 2.0 seeds using Spiderfarmer 4000 in a 1.5x1.5m tent. The past 7-10, the top leaves are changed dramatically, see photos. buds are growing fine but lack any smell. I have 3 of the same plant, all looking the same. I thought it...
  11. B

    Do I have PM?

  12. YahBoiNothing

    More of a question, if anyone can help

    Week 5 of flower (this is my first grow I don’t really know what the fook I’m doing) my question is why tf are the buds so small? It says it’s a fast flowering under 8 week yet I’m pretty sure she’s got like a lot longer than that left. Photo below
  13. L

    New grower: Light green patches on fan leaves: Please help!

    Hey guys, this is my first grow attempt. She's Barney's Farm Blue Cheese Autoflower, germinated about 2 weeks ago and shes been in soil for 10 days. Using 125w CFL. 20/4. Rh - 50%. Temp 27°C average. Started off well but when i tested the water PH it seemed a bit high so i used pH- for the...
  14. Coastal Dharma

    Help! One of my plants is looking a little sick/sad and i dont know why!

    Hello all! One of my plants is looking a little sad and i dont know why.. Its gotten the same treatment as the rest of my plants and they're all looking fine. I have 10 plants in total. They're under two 1200W ViparSpectra dimmable LED's, 4 fans running on fairly low speeds(more than enough to...
  15. OMGReptar

    Should I take the plastic bag dome off? Pics Included

    Hey everyone! I’m excited about my first grow, but I’m a little concerned about my 3 plants. They’ve all sprouted, but I’m not sure if the humidity dome I’ve created is hurting them right now. I’ve got them in a grow tent indoors. They’re planted in Happy Frog soil. I’m using a LED Electric Sky...
  16. S

    Looking for some advice: first grow

    Hello ! Thank you for taking the time to help me for you do not know me and are incredibly kind to take the time out of your day to advise me. As in title ,this is my first grow! So i am fairly inexperienced. Here is some info on my setup though. -2x2.5 tent -(2) 300W ViparSpectra LED -4 Inch...
  17. J


    Hi everyone,I'm gonna post a few pics of my plants there 4 differant strains,I can't work out if I'm over watering them or underwatering them,I started them on the 14th of may.everytime I feel them they feel dry so I water them but a few hours later they feel dry again so I can't work it out
  18. V

    Newbie planning on building micro nano grow box

    Hello guys, I'm newbie here, I've read a lot of stuff about growing. And decided to test it by myself. The only problem I have is space... So I want to make it stealthy as possible (quiet, no smell, easy to access) and as cheap as possible. I'm planning on using 30x35x75 cm box (1'x1'x2,5' ?)...
  19. Drakka

    Help: Darkening new growth and yellow tips

    Hi everyone! This is my second thread about some issues that i’m experiencing within my first grow. I got a 60x50x140cm DIY box, I had to place it in a room where temp and Rh varies depending on the daily weather, as I got no other rooms to place it. Light: Spiderfarmer SF 1000 (24 inch away...
  20. S

    Is it ready 1st timer pic included

    Hi all not to sure what week I would say about 2 months in to flower the plant is getting very top heavy should I start to flush now and help appreciate the pictures are of a branch I snapped by accident ‍♂️‍♂️
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