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help 1st grow

  1. HotHeadBurner

    Pioneering indoor Cannabis growing in my country with Land Races & Bag Seeds: sigh

    Hello 4.20ians. This might be mighty tricky. (Grow equipment attached to know the scale of the task) (More pictures at the bottom, plus I played at topping one) This will be first grow, for health reasons obviously ... cos the crap I get sold to smoke in my country is straight butt-hole and...
  2. B

    First grow, not sure what I've messed up! Plants sick please help!

    If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it, a few days ago my little one started to look sick. Hum 30% Temp 24c 24w 5000k CFL at 6 inches
  3. ZackaryOX

    Help Needed: First Time Grower, Issues & Solutions!

    SPECS/TEMPS/NUTES/MEDIUM: Light: 1000w Tolys full spectrum LED Medium: At first promix in the solo cups, but now have switched to FOXFARM's Happy Frog Nutes: General Hydroponics flora micro/gro/bloom, Cal-Mag and PH Down for adjustments. Strain: Lemon Jack Temps: 72F(22.22C) to 78F(25.56C) with...
  4. G

    37 day old cannabis plant, this is my first grow with pictures

    Any suggestions based off pictures?
  5. W

    Sativa or Indica: can someone please help me figure this out, images are below

    They are on their 2nd week of grow from seed, Can someone please help me figure out the strain of these plants Indica or sativa?
  6. F

    Please Help, Stopped Growing

    Hi all 420Growers, I am new at growing beautiful ladies, I am growing in coco coir with perlite, using GH trio and Calci-mag nutes and running a 450w LED grow light, I did just have Nitrogen toxicity and now am flushing on just 6.0PH water to get life back into her and she has taken well, but...
  7. P

    Uh oh!

    I had some seeds someone gave me sitting in my car cup holder for months! I cleaned out my car and threw them in the soil in my back yard in the corner and didn’t think much would happen! 3 weeks later Every single one of them is growing (about 3 inches tall and 4 leaves on each) ! All 11 of...
  8. P

    Help! What is wrong?

    These are on different plants. I have 110 plants, 10 different strains. Most of my plants are doing great but I have a couple that are showing signs of something. I need help! These are my healthy plants
  9. N

    Does it look okay

    I planted 5 diffrent strains and A small room putted 1000w led and 400w led in as lightning 10l pots and then i started putted water on the seed 25 october so Day 37 is now i putted some pictures please give me input and help
  10. B

    It's My First Time

    Hi guys. I'm a first time grower and I've had this beautiful Sativa for just under a year now. I noticed about a week ago that she has entered the flowering stage. One of my friends told me that I had to prune and/or trim her, but apparently it's too late now. What am I supposed to do from here...
  11. I

    Green Crack First Grow First Journal

    I am in the veg stage with GC started this seedling about 1 month ago and just recently topped and getting ready to transplant when I determine if they are all female I’m on 18/6 light and waiting about 2 more weeks or more to switch to 12/12 I don’t have a lot of room or much money so I am...
  12. I

    First grow, advice please

    I am growing GC and I started about 1 month ago are my babies looking alright or do I need to do anything else? Any advice would be great!!!
  13. G

    i need your guys's help my plant is DYING

    hi guys this is my first time growing and posting, i have been growing AK 47 auto fem seeds but i have ran into a problem and have no clue whats wrong. So i need your guys's help. I will give you a story about what happened, when i started with germination, my plant was just fine but after a...
  14. Platinum Princd

    First Grow! Coco Coir, Dinafem White Widow Auto, GHS The Church Triangle SeedsG13 x Blueberry Headband

    Hello my grower kin. This is my first official grow yeah it’s in a closet a nice sized one though! This is more of a ceremonial first grow paying tribute to my first attempt at growing. The dream all started when I was 13 puberty was just setting in was toking pretty heavy but there was...
  15. X

    Advice please

    So im new to the forum, i specifically googled "best marijuana growing forum" just so i could reach out for some help and advice, as well as to read up cause thats what ive done up until this point. Just a bit about my setup bottom up, running hydroponic setup. Drain and fill. Its small only...
  16. Gerbie

    Newbie Tree Hugger Looking For Advice

    So this is my very first grow and it is a budget closet grow op. I have the temp from 73-79° F°. Humidity i try to maintain but is 30-50%. Have not fed any nutes, fox farm ocean forest as medium. 45W LED light that is 29’ away. She’s a a month old. Have noticed that the tip of the Cotyledon has...
  17. B

    First Grow Ever! Please Give All The Advice! Aurora Indica, Coco Coir, Indoor, 2018

    First time growing literally anything. Not a single plant of any variety haha. I've read a bunch of forums and guides. Which equates to a knowledge base slightly above zero haha. Really doing this as a hobby because my friends and gf smoke, and I needed a hobby. Sounded fun to do all of the...
  18. D

    I think my plants might be dying not sure why

    Good evening 420 Community! I believe 3 of my plants are dieing and i have no idea why. I have 12 in total on day 57 and 3 of them are in bad shape the rest seem to be doing fine. the fan leaves started getting soft, saggy and got curly then they eventually got crunchy and brown. last time i...
  19. H


    Hello new grower here . I have 3 plants in there 3rd week of flowering . 2 are feminized 1 is a found seed . This is the found seed and Really worried if I have a Hermie here ? I just don’t know
  20. M

    Sad looking plants, leaves twisting, curling

    So i started some new plants a few weeks ago and I'm having the same problem that i had with my grow a month or 2 back. Bottom leaves on all my plants start to slowly curl down, some of them twisting. And than i notice it works the way up. I will mention that it contiues to grow, but very...
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