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  1. K

    Spidermite and maybe zinc deficiency - Help and insight would be greatly appreciated

    Hello!! I have browning and die-off at the tips of my leaves. I was thinking a zinc deficiency, as they've been outside and have been receiving rain instead of a feed regiment. I'd love some insight on whether this is a correct diagnosis or if there are other suggestions. Another...
  2. hyperluv

    Spider Mite munching on leaf - Video

    Here is a video I took of a spider mite munching on a leaf from one of my plants using a microscope. SM90 seems to have worked better for me. Have not seen any for a while. I previously used Floramite and AzoMax.
  3. H

    What kind of spidermite is that?

    Hi Fellas, I have a small grow room with 6 plants. All is different strains due to experimental purpose. I use coco and Canna products and some of Advanced Nutrients products for support. I used to add some Parker Neem Oil to prevent my plants against to bug or insect attacks but when I mixed...
  4. CanniCulture

    Webbing on leaves even after the Spidermites themselves are gone

    Today, while I was cleaning dead leaves off of my plants, I noticed there was a small amount of webbing on a fan leaf. I am constantly spraying Azamax and Spinosad, and haven't had much of an issue so far with the mites. I'm in week 5 flowering, and I was wondering if the web could be there from...
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