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  1. L

    Hello from Berkeley CA

    Hi, I am Hashish from Berkeley California. I am thinking about getting into Marijuana growing and selling business. Very new to this. Any help is appreciated.
  2. WhiteShark

    Abandoned First Timer - Undecided on Strain - Substrate - Lighting

    Hello world, I live in Denver so I wanted to try growing for the first time. So, I have been reading up for the last few hours and days and really am very torn as to where to start, but i definitely wanted to record all my experiences in a journal, as well as first and foremost get solid advice...
  3. D

    How would you build a grow for only $1,200?

    what kind of grow would you set up if you only had 1,200 to spend and thats for everything ph and ppm testers nutrients and lighting a tent if thats what you would do this is what ive come up with so far. 118x60x78 inch Mylar Reflective Aluminum Frame Grow Tent Room 299.99 Go Box Starter...
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