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stress during grow

  1. costgrowCA

    What happened?

    I'm not sure what is going on here. This is my second run of this lemonjack. first went extremely smooth. this one looks like a little bit too much something? Any information? Ideas? FYI - Soil 40%, composted (worms) coco 40%, 20% perlite- ph 6.4-6.8
  2. WizHigh

    16 tops Going for 30?

    I topped my plant on threw different grow sites. The main grow site turned into 3 tops and 2 of the side branches are just 2 tops. I want to top the rest of the grow sites and turn them into 30 or more grow sites all together. Is it possible? How many tops has any ever reach with out the plant...
  3. Heady Stash

    LED veg room and HPS bloom room?

    I'm trying to do the last bit of research on the room(s) that I'll be building soon. I plan on building a 4'x4'x7' bloom cab and a 4'x2'x7' veg cab. My question right now pertain's to the stress of the babies and being moved from the (180-240w) LED veg room into the 1000w (dimmable) HPS bloom...
  4. Smoke2Js

    Beginning To Understand Her

    Hey Y'all, Smoke2Js here. I was just chillin and thinking about how my stress levels concerning my 2nd grow are lower than my first. My 1st grow was done in my closet under controlled conditions, which I fretted over constantly. Now into my second attempt, I am not so worried about what I can't...
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