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    Desperate subbing question

    So today I subbed some urine from a buddy who hadn't smoked in about 5 years, he smoke about a month ago (one hit) so just to make sure he was clean I bought a first check marijuana home test kit. He pissed into it and it gave a clean result, however, at this point, after he had pissed into the...
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    Pass Physical + Drug Test

    Hey Ive got to take a drug test that also includes a physical (cup the balls) and I'm trying to figure out how to pass. I smoked 10 days ago, I'm 6'1 170 lbs, smoked about an eighth per week. I ordered powdered urine as a back up plan but then I found out about the physical. I'm not asking for...
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    Negative dilute wtf? so this time i

    SO, just my luck I quit smoking take the damn test, feel overly confident, toke up 3 nights in a row. Monday I get a call saying my results came back negative dilute..and I have to go back that day and retest. Not sure why I came up dilute, i didn't drink a bunch of water or anything, but it may...
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