Pass Physical + Drug Test


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Hey Ive got to take a drug test that also includes a physical (cup the balls) and I'm trying to figure out how to pass. I smoked 10 days ago, I'm 6'1 170 lbs, smoked about an eighth per week. I ordered powdered urine as a back up plan but then I found out about the physical. I'm not asking for judgement, but looking for ways to pass this thing. I'm honestly not afraid to hide it in my ass - but would the temp be right or too hot? I don't want to go through with that if it's not gonna work in the end.

I'd appreciate some input.
Have passed the physical a nd drug test at the same time a few times. In my case they always did the physical first and then let you dress to go take the drug test. I'd have the bottle in my crotch and then the doctor will ask you to disrobe while he leaves the room, so transfer the bottle to a pocket. After the physical he will leave the room and let you redress so transfer the bottle back to your shorts. Check the temp while you've got it out and make sure its in range.
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