Physical and drug test!


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Hello all,
I've got a drug test and physical coming up in a week and a half for a administrative position at an electric company. By the time I the time I take the test I will have been clean for 15 days (I've passed at home tests in 16 and 17 before). I have been working out twice a day, taking niacin, fiber, drinking green tea and cranberry juice, eating healthy, the whole 9 yards. I feel confident that I should be able to pass it on my own but have some quick fix just in case. My real question is what are people's experience with a physical and a drug test at the same time? I'm going to a place called East Bay Medical (for anyone who lives in the Midwest), would prefer to sub in the synthetic but not sure how the whole process works. I have rigged up a secret spot in some compression shorts and feel pretty confident that I will be able to use the synthetic but do have concerns about it being found. Do they typically do the physical first or UA? Appreciate any feedback.
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