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  1. P

    Oral Swab Drug Test Peace Of Mind

    Hey all I’ve been a daily smoker (multiple times a day) for 10+ years without a single day break. I have abstained from use for about 14 days now and took an oral drug test for a promotion today. Kind of anxious, what is the likeliness I’ll pass? Share your stories and advice please Thank you!
  2. H

    Need some input on possibility of passing escreen test!

    I used to smoke less than half a joint about 5 time a week, but stopped the week before Thanksgiving. Around Christmas I took a few hits off a vape pen and the first week of January I had two 10mg gummies and several hits of a vape pen, last occurring on 1/10. I found out on 1/11 that I would...
  3. M

    Quest Diagnostics Drug Test Experience Question, Did I Pass or Fail?

    Ok everyone, Here's another Quest Diagnostics question, I had my test this afternoon, used quickfix as I have multiple other times. This time my sample ran slightly hot, came out at 100 degrees when the temp collector transferred it from the cup I "peed" into, into their cup with the temp...
  4. B

    Magnum synthetic urine review in 2020!

    so its 2020 which is a crazy fuckd up year so far. Had to leave my old job here in dallas but luckily my friend put me on to a great job, got the job accepted the offer only thing is i have to take a drug test and background check. my only concern is for the urine sample i smoke everyday so i...
  5. Y

    Summer Drug Test: Hair Follicle Test

    Hi, I am graduating this May and have been connected to a great company through a professor who used to work there. The professor told me the company does Hair Follicle Drug Tests. I have been smoking weed regularly since November of 2019. I stopped smoking March 27th, (a few days ago.) The...
  6. N

    THC Detection Time

    I'm (probably irrationally) freaking out. I never smoked anything until this year (I'm 38) but got a pen with a lemon drop strain in it at my last job. Literally haven't touched it in 6-8 weeks. No way that wouldn't be flushed out of my system by now, right??? I am 5'6", 140, and I walk approx...
  7. R

    How long does it take you personally to piss clean?

    I know everyone is different when it comes to the amount of time it takes to rid your system of thc. I am wondering how long it has taken you personally to pass a urinalysis test. Please include your age, height, weight, and frequency of use. Hoping to collect some data for the community. I'm...
  8. B

    New prescription

    So I was placed on adderall this morning and had to sign a contract that says I have to submit to random drug tests to get refills, I was upfront and told the doctor that I smoke pot occasionally (daily... so kinda upfront) for recreational purposes and to relax after long days at work. She was...
  9. D

    What's your crazy story?

    How have you other stoners dealt with drug tests for work etc?? Here's my story: As a heavy guy and a heavy toker I didn't have the time to wait for my system to cleanse and used U-pass Synthetic Urine to fake it. I crotched the fake piss bottle in my boxers and kept it warm with the little...
  10. B

    UA soon

    So I was laid off, but offered a new job almost immediately contingent on background check and drug test. I smoked like 7 or 8 times (no more than 4 or 5 hits each time) from november to January 21. Before that, i hadnt smoked in over a year. Im waiting on the background test before they...
  11. M

    Magnum Fetish Urine 2pz Bottle Only

    Just here to post my exp. With using fake pee........ Ok I live in the ft worth Texas area and am a very heavy user . average around 2-3 grams a day and 5-10 grams on weekdays. I use freely and every were i go...yes i am aware of the consequences , but ive been pulled over many times and a few...
  12. A

    Help a stoner out

    Ok. I have a drug test in 9 days. I’ve been heavily smoking for months. What should I do to pass this. My plan is to stop now, water, workout, and then get some detox for that day. I don’t know if that’s the best idea or not pls help
  13. C

    Pass a DOT urinalysis - I just did in 2 weeks plus a random pass technique

    So I have to take both random and scheduled drug tests. I use sub solution prank urine with a thigh strap and it works. It's the best if not monitored because you can heat it with the provided warming powder in seconds...but you must shake the bottle so be ready to gently shake it for 30 seconds...
  14. J

    Hair follicle drug test

    Took a few hits off a cone yesterday and got a hair follicle drug test today. I've done my research and i think i should be able to pass it. I'm just really nervous
  15. L

    I need to pass a drug test 13 days from now

    i haven't smoked in 8 days. i was a heavy smoker, just herb. although prior to those 8 days i used a wax pen for about 3 days. i have been taking niacin pills for two days and flushing my system with tons of water, green tea, gatorade, and cranberry juice. I've been running for 20-40 minutes...
  16. S

    Very very faint line of home drug test

    OK so i took a home drug test and the line on it is their but it seems extremely faint im a heavy smoker and only stopped smoking 6 days ago and i had been smoking everyday before then. I have always had a fast metabolism and have always been extremely skinny could that factor in to any of this...
  17. L

    Help please: Will I pass my drug test??

    Being drug tested this coming Friday for new job. It will have been 13 days since I smoked last, and I took about 6-7 puffs of a joint. I felt high for maybe 5-10 minutes, probably owing to the fact I don't actually inhale a lot of the smoke haha. Before that, I smoked 2-3 weeks prior to that...
  18. PabloE

    How long do dabs stay in your system? Please help!

    Hello, So I smoke dabs every weekend( just on the weekend though, not daily) , I've been doing it for months already, unfortunately for me the oil company I work for just got bought by a much bigger company. I am already hearing about the background and drug policy is coming soon but idk how...
  19. D

    12 panel drug test help

    Okay, I posted on here about a drug test I failed on diversion, he said I have a second chance.. well I got a letter to go to court about them wanting to revoke my diversion, I agreed. So i didn't get that second chance. The judge said if I fail he's going to give me a year in jail for each...
  20. D

    23 days until UA

    Hello, I'm new here and came to ask a question. I'm on diversion and I got popped with a UA and failed. It's a 12 panel drug test. Well. I have 23 days or so until I get another chance. I'm not sure if that's going to go against me or what, but my question is, is this enough time? I haven't ever...
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