Help! Drug test and physical


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Hoping that someone could possibly help with some information regarding a physical and drug test. My boyfriend just got a job working in a warehouse and also driving truck for them and we were under the impression that he would have 3 months to pass his driving license and the physical and drug test. Well he came home today and could have the test and physical as early as tomorrow. My only fear is what the procedure would be with a drug test and physical and how he would hide it without the doctor having his drop his drawers and cough and seeing it. Hoping someone else has done a physical and drug test and can give me some ideas that would work best. He has the clean urine and planned on "crotching it" but I'm just worried about the physics. Btw, he has passed multiple drug tests with using clean urine it just the physical part that is throwing us for a loop.
The 5 or 6 times I've had it done it was always done the same way.
You're escorted to a room and told to strip to your shorts and then they leave you in the room alone. So move the urine sample to a pocket. The doc will come back in a couple of minutes and do the physical and grab your nuts because they're homos. lol Then they leave and let you get dressed. Move the sample back to your crotch and then they will escort you to the drug testing area to do the drug test.
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