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  1. smokesbetter

    Hello from North Carolina

    I am smokesbetter from NC that needs help in the revolution to legalize marijuana , have been smoking for 45 or so yrs. I didn't realize the benefits of this great stuff until i got chronic pain!! The pills are good sometimes but side effects suck , i have been a guest for a little while and...
  2. G

    Please Help!

    Hey guys , this girl is white widow , in almost 2 months , 25 C is temperature , %40 ,% 50 moist , i am using advanced nutrients and 600 watt my light . my plant can not suck water in to soil , and water pass out through soil quickly . any ideas that is why ? 420 Magazine ® 420 Magazine ®
  3. M

    Hello - New here

    Just like to say hi I am new here. I am from Australia and unfortunately this stuff is illegal. I like to read and gain more knowledge. Unfortunately I am trying to save my Mums life and with no integrative therapies available here it really does suck!!!! :( If anyone has any info on...
  4. 4Dutchess

    Indoor Grow - Home Owners Insurance

    Ive been lucky enough to have an outdoor grow the last couple years and I might go inside. Im wondering how it affects my homeowners ins.? It would suck if it makes it void. Im thinking it might? Anybody know? I cant really call my ins. and ask. Peace