sun blaster

  1. MajinGreen

    Together let's see what we can do - Advise me

    Hello! New to 420 Magazine. I've started a new grow in my closet. I will be uploading images on my current progress. I want YOU to share with me how to improve my set-up and maximize efficiency. Together, I believe we could achieve amazing results! Community Grow-Op Link Below...
  2. W

    SunBlaster bulbs

    The Sun Blaster bulbs and other FHD products are, what it looks like, only available at Even though the site might not have all their products, they are available. Anything that Future Harvest Development offers, WebHydro has available! Sun Blaster Nanotech T5 Reflectors...
  3. S.Indica

    T5 Lights

    Ez, Think of setting up a veg chamber to house roughly 8 mothers and wondered if using T5's would do the trick, my plan was to use the Sun Blaster T5 Flourescents, would 4X4ft T5's be enough to keep a space 4ft by 2 by 2 with 8 mothers happy and could I possibly keep more mothers. strictly indica
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